Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flipping the Bird Will get You 6 Days in Jail

Didn't know what to write about today...I was BLANK


 I sat to watch the Casey Anthony Trial

No I'm not going to write about Casey Anthony specifically. I'm sure that you all know what is going on....If she is found Guilty or not it will never bring back that innocent little baby...I wish it could.

I'm going to write about the young man in the audience who was caught flipping the prosecutor the bird.
           ,!, (-.-)

What the....?

The Judge in turn brought him up and asked him if he knew about the rules about making rude gestures in court; he said he did. He asked if he saw the signs that were posted that warned people under penalty of law to NOT make any facial or rude gestures. The young man said yes. The judge then asked if the young man heard the Bailiff repeat the rules before the beginning of court..the young man said he did. The Judge then told him that his little antics if seen by the jury could have wrecked all the hard work of  both the State and the Defense Attorneys .
 The young man then said he was sorry.

I guess he was thinking that the judge would say "That's OK...I hope you learned your lesson".


The Judge sentenced him to 6 days  in jail and a $400. fine.


Did he kill anyone? No. But this is my take. I congratulate the Judge, I like his style. ..and as idiotic and just plain stupid as his behavior was I kind of feel for this kid because  he stood up there and looked like a scared little rabbit....a scared bird flipping rabbit.
He said, "I don't know why I did it."...of course he did! He thought he could get away with it. whether he was in a shocked daze that he got caught or caught off guard, or scared to death;  He owned up to it. I mean how could he not? They have a video of the guy! It's being broadcast LIVE!   It was a dumb dumb move.... and I know he is probably hitting his head against his jail cell wall right now.  When the shock wears off he might very well become famous and decide that it was all worth it. That's what we do right?... make stupid behavior into must see, must have, must repeat?

Now lets see if that young woman that's on trial will also pay the piper. She has blamed everyone else and it seems that everyone else has been put on trial except for her. I wish she would have just owned up to what really happened to her baby. Will Justice be served?  What do you think will happen?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~~~~Cool Shades

I love sunglasses. Ya have to protect thoses eyes right? Its hard finding that perfect pair.I have never found a pair that look really great on me. Well, there was that pair that had  palm trees on it, but I digress. Here are some fashions of sunglasses throughout the years. which are your favorite?

1920's                                                    Round Rims

                                                                Green tinted glasses

1940's                                  Tortoise shell glasses  


1950's  and 60's
                                                             Cat eyed and funky



                                                            Huge Face Framing Glasses


                                            All about the Wayfarers
                                                                         Risky Business

                                                                             Miami Vice


                                                 Retro sleek

                                                               Gaultier Sunglasses

2000's sunglasses style                                                   
                                                                  Seems like 70's and 80's retro





                                          Huge and futuristic looking

What style do you like? Did you wear any that are listed here? I myself love the wayfarers of the eighties, but the forties glasses are awesome!!!!   


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potty Words

The following is a post that I deleted and then fixed, then deleted and then finally found that perhaps it wasn't so bad to begin with. so here it is.

                         Bad Words

I am no angel. I try hard not to curse but there are times when saying oh poo just doesn't cut it.

Like when I'm driving.

                           I get a teensy weensy, itsy bitsy bit angry when I drive.....wait let me re-phrase that. I get angry when people DO STUPID ASININE, DANGEROUS crap on the road.


 So I would let out a curse or two or thirty, because Damn it all it made me feel better! Before I had my beautiful angel J. I had no qualms in letting out some curses here and there.  All that stopped when she was born....almost. I stopped the cursing everywhere in my life, but the car.

Some moron would cut me off nearly causing me to have an accident and a curse words would come flying out....however in my defense I never used the "F" word (OK, I'll admit to once without the Baby in tow..OK twice...stop judging me!) while driving. My repertoire of curses wasn't extensive, and my combos were amateurish at best, but it was enough to get my point across even if I was the only one hearing it...or so I thought.

One day Hubby and I (with our 18-month old J in her car seat in the back) were driving to see the Grandparents. When  out of no where this car zooms pass and cuts us off. Hubby had to swerve a bit to keep us all safe and he growled and yelled but didn't utter any potty words.
Before I could say anything my 18-month-old J said... "Damn it!"as clear as could be.

Hubby snapped his head toward me and said " This one is on YOU!"

My sweet little tweety bird looking baby said the d word and it was all my fault.

and I think she enjoyed the reaction she got because for a bit after that whenever she dropped a toy out came that word. That was enough for me to start subbing the words for other more kinder ones. She soon forgot all about the potty words and I was glad.

Ever since that incident whenever the kids are in the car and some ignoramus decides to try to cut me off, steal my parking spot or ignore a stop sign. I simply use phrases like "What A MAROON (like in Looney Tunes)! What the freedom does he think he's doing? Son of a beansprout oh no you didn't just cut me off you "darn flipping poo head!" My Son just laughs and says "I know what you really want to say Mom!"

"Oh really how do you know that?" 

"The bus driver doesn't use subs when he's driving. Sometimes it slips out."

So much for trying to keep that exposure to a minimum. Glad that tax money is going to good use...ugh !Thank God the bus driver is retiring this year. No more hearing  "%$#@@&!!!!!"  for my son...well at least until middle school where every kid thinks its cool to curse.

                                                     What a bunch of doodie heads.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ahh...The Great Outdoors!


My son reminded me today that its just a few weeks until we go on our annual camping trip. I alluded to it in this post--->To Go or Not To Go Camping

I shouldn't complain...we are in a  tiny cabin with two sets of bunk-beds the kids take the tops bunks and Hubby and I the bottom ones. This also means that I can't nudge or shake the bed when The Hubster starts to snore like a bear.

There is a small kitchen. I shouldn't call it camping, but it me.

I don't do well there. In fact if I were to be graded on my outdoor grade would be F-

I can't help it.  The out doors hates me. IT DOES!

I have proof...

                We will go to the beach and biting flies will pounce on me and not bother anyone else.

                 At the camp fire that we have every night on vacation everyone sits happily enjoying the starry night and smores (we like to call them schmoes). While there I was the only one consistantly pelted by cicadas or whatever the heck giant insect it was. PELTED...IN THE HEAD!!!!

                 While fishing I noticed a snake in the problem as long as I can see them far enough away from me then I am OK. Trouble was I must have been at that spot an hour and never noticed the snake that was about a foot away from my feet; it was hiding in the bushes and came out only to attack the other snake that dragged a fish in it's mouth! YUCK and EEEWWWW!

                  After returning from a hike I went into the bathroom...and when I saw myself in the mirror there was a bee hanging out on the top of my head!

                  Everyone knows when there is some kind of weird insect around me because I do a  sort of dance that I can only describe as a combination of the chicken dance, twist and the jerk.

Yesterday my son ran inside to inform me that there was some kind of big bug outside. I went to investigate and this thing was definitely leftover from the Jurassic period and it came flying straight at me! I was a blurr as I ran in the house.


What prompted me to write this post today? I went out to water the grass and there was a big ol' slug on the hose which made it's acquaintance with my hand. HEEE BEEEE GEEEE BEEEES! I scrubbed my hands as if I were to perform surgery.

Still, believe it or not I am looking forward to our vacation...the only problem  is I'm sure the bugs and critters are too.
                                                               if they were only this cute