Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A political Question

OK I have a question.

                It's a simple question.

                           It should have a simple answer.

                                       But it doesn't.

                                                 Here goes....

Why can't our male politicians keep their  under wraps where it belongs?

Why do they have to whip it out like some flag every chance they get? I mean you have this one who knowing that his wife is sick with cancer says to himself.......

                             "Hum, I think I'll just whip this sucker out and make the last days that my wife has left a living hell"

 Then you have this other one who says...

                             "Yowza This maid is hot!!! Let me have a good time with her without protection, risk my wife's life and make a baby too."

Now we have another one who is essentially still on his honeymoon having a Kodak moment in his BVD's.

WHAT THE......

OK there has got to be an explanation for all this. First lets take into account who runs for office....were they just  looking to truly make a difference? They get in and suddenly they feel invincible and become intoxicated with power? Is that it?


 Were they always power hungry and selfish ; and when they get into office it's sort of a self fulfilling prophecy?

What the H#ll is it??!! Can we find out please and then design some pill for it and get on with it? And you know it can be done people. They'll never find the cure or cause of breast cancer , but those politicians will   find a way to blame genetics or red dye #5  and secure funding to find a cure for their "disease".

OK Here is my advice to all male politicians (and women too if applicable)  out there. Please please please for the love of all that is good in this world just do your job!!!! For the amount of time that you are in office Keep the twig and berries in your pants and act like you give a darn about your wife and kids. Act like all the sacrifice that your parents went through was worth it and make them proud. Represent us and do your best to make this Country better for the people that put you in office. Work toward a legacy of honor.

It's not too late. Zip up and get to work.
We would all love to see that on the News for a change.


  1. As the cliche says, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think they have more opportunities and never think about anyone but themselves. Dr. Phil had such a man on yesterday and told him he was immature. He said, he woke up every morning and asked himself, "How can I make her (his wife) life better?"

    We should all be so lucky to find a man like that.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  2. EXCELLENT post! Very well said.

  3. There was a time, far ago, when that sort of behaviour was not tolerated. When the nation's leader gets away with vulgar deportment than general acceptance is not far behind.
    Why is lying put up with? Instead of listening to politicians, with their crafted speeches, we should be watching what they do.

  4. What are these men thinking? Do they think they are so powerful that their behavior will be ignored? Tar and feathers, man, tar and feathers.

  5. And he is still running!!! He says that he did not break any law!! Maybe not, but how would anyone vote for a blatant liar?? Power corrupts.

  6. Great post!

    wait a moment..........

    Yeah, my Zipper is up... Whew......

    Oh, but I am not a politician. LOL

    and I just had to do that to say "Hey" and let you know I was still "kickin"

    Hope you and yours are all Well and Good!

    Anything at Anytime

  7. Power and a feeling of invincibility. Not a good combination. With that comes a feeling that they can get away with anything.

    Or is it simply an unconscious desire to fail? Spectacularly, I might add.


  8. Amen, sister. You said it well. Now, if they would only listen and act on what they hear.

  9. I love it, Joanne. Amen! You picked a perfect picture to go with this post, too.

  10. All of those questions and issues have come to my mind and have wondered the same things. Unfortunately I think the problem extends beyond politics. Very well illustrated post.

  11. AMEN sister!!! It is just nutty isn't it! Sadly most attention seekers they are :(

  12. @ N. R. Williams~"As the cliche says, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" I have to remember this it is SOOOOTRUE!

    @ Beth~ Thank You!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Amen!

    @ ms nk rey~ Thank You!

    @ Susan Kane~ Tar and feathers sound good to me!

    @ Ginny~ You are so right about that

    @ DanWins~ You are Too Funny!

    @ Claudia~ Great Point!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thank you so true!

    @ Thank you!

    @ Barb~ It definetely makes you think

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Yes they think they can get away with anything!

  13. Love the picture. I think it comes from the fact that they think they are above the law. Isn't it interesting that when a Dem is involved with this kind of behavior, they are never expected to resign.


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