Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~~~The Return of The Fanny Pack

        Hey, do you remember these?                                     


If you do then you were old enough to see this on almost everybody in the eighties. I know, I know horrible, hideous, tacky....and so flippin' practical! I'm sorry but they were! This was true especially for moms, runners,  roller dancers and of course Tourists! Running around a strange city with a fanny pack screamed "Hey I'm just visiting and please charge me twice as much for everything!". 
 I had one. I bought it specifically for a trip to an amusement park when I was in High School. It was a perfect way to keep money and cards safe and always with you. To us it wasn't tacky, because everyone had one.

Some people though took it to the extreme...stuffing the poor fanny pack with so much that It looked like they were carrying an overstuffed love seat on their hip.

Do you miss your fanny packs?

Well you are in luck! The big summer trend this year guessed it fanny packs sorry the fashion hoidy toidys want to change the name to belted bags. WELL  LA DEE DAAAAAAA. Some of the styles are very expensive, but there are some that are priced a bit more moderately.


These two are in the higher priced range. Too rich for my blood. I'd rather use that money for other frivolous things like GROCERIES!

                                                         Foley + Corrina Lady Belt bag
                                                       belt purse-foley corinna lady belt bag

                                                         Calleen Cordero
                                                         Caranita Belt Bag
                                                         $340. ---
                                                         belt purse-calleen cordero gavranita belt bag

These next few are really kind of cute for  fanny packs um er Belted bags



I guess it's true what they say...everything old is new again.
Maybe if I look really hard I can find my old F.P.

What do ya think...could this pass for high fashion?


  1. That's definitely high fashion in my book! I didn't get a fanny pack until I started jogging a few years ago. Guess what? I never wear it. If I had a Minnie Mouse one, I think I would.

  2. I had a bum bag and loved it although I rarely used it and have to say I do like the look of the new ones. Although I have to say the cost of the first two you showed here is far to right for my blood.

  3. I have several of those tucked away in a drawer. I will have to get them out again as I am very style conscious. LOL

  4. Next thing we know, crazy hair and neon colors are going to be IN. Which is interesting to me, because I haven't "been" there:)

  5. I never had a fanny pack and always thought they were stupid. I can see how they would be useful but they just looked weird. Maybe it was partly the psychology of the name "fanny-pack"--it sounds so silly. Why not something like "belt-back"?
    The ones pictured for women do look rather fashionable.

    Tossing It Out

  6. honey i admit i still rock the fanny pack yes it's true every trip i take i have my trusty fanny pack what can i say i like having my hands free and not worry about a purse or backpack

    Everyday Life

  7. I am not sure if it is high fashion but it is practical...

  8. I didn't know they are in again! I have two that are not bulky and are pastel paisleys and really cute, Vera Bradley!

  9. I must dig up my winnie-the-pooh!
    seriously, i found a high fashion belt-bag at Ross last year, $9.99!
    You had me laughing here!

  10. I had a fanny pack and I cringe at the thought. And I think this new update is only successful if you have a tiny waist!


  11. I'm glad the fanny packs are back because they make so much sence. This post was cute. I don't get to look everyday but when I take "tenminutes2breathe" I am always interested and often amused. It's like going to my favorite magazine. Thank you for the work you put into your posts. You have a very special talent.

  12. @ Robyn-thanks! Hey it's time to use that fanny pack they are back in style!

    @ Jo-Anne-I agree 300+for a little iffy bitty bag is insane!

    @ Beth-yes break them out!

    @ Lena- as a matter of fact they are trying to bring back neon! I say never never never!

    @ Arlee bird- yes I agree "fanny packs" is just not a cool name

    @ Becca- i agree. They are very practical. You don't have to worry about keeping an eye on your bag 'cause its on you at all times

    @ Kim- yes you are right

    @ Ginny- I love Vera Bradley!

    @ Susan-Kane - anything Disney is awesome in my book!

    @ Claudia- I hate to say it but you are probably right darn my expanding waistline!

    @ Barb- awww you are so sweet! Your comment just made my day!


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