Friday, June 03, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Ordinary Miracles and Positive Thinking

                   OK since the theme is Songs I posted this video made by They chose some great pictures and added a great song sung by Sarah McLachlan. I chose this video because I love the idea of Ordinary miracles. If we look around there are God Kisses everywhere! I call them God kisses (see post--> Kisses from God)  because that's what they feel like to me... and I wonder if you will see any ordinary miracles Today...Oh I hope so


This second video is awesome. It is such a cute story of determination and
positive thinking. I hope it brings a smile to your face. It did mine. Have a great weekend! Please come back tomorrow for Saturday's question. Blessings, Joanne                                                                      



  1. Love these but my fav is the second one.

  2. I see ordinary miracles all the time. It seems to be a sad fact the a lot of people just stop looking with the eyes of a child as they get older and full of cares. Hey, my snail is in the first video, I KNEW he was a miracle!!!! The second video is very cool!!

  3. I have lived long enough to see many ordinary miracles. Nice videos.

  4. I love Sarah McLachlan's Song "Ordinary Miracles". Thank you for posting it.


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