Monday, June 27, 2011

Ahh...The Great Outdoors!


My son reminded me today that its just a few weeks until we go on our annual camping trip. I alluded to it in this post--->To Go or Not To Go Camping

I shouldn't complain...we are in a  tiny cabin with two sets of bunk-beds the kids take the tops bunks and Hubby and I the bottom ones. This also means that I can't nudge or shake the bed when The Hubster starts to snore like a bear.

There is a small kitchen. I shouldn't call it camping, but it me.

I don't do well there. In fact if I were to be graded on my outdoor grade would be F-

I can't help it.  The out doors hates me. IT DOES!

I have proof...

                We will go to the beach and biting flies will pounce on me and not bother anyone else.

                 At the camp fire that we have every night on vacation everyone sits happily enjoying the starry night and smores (we like to call them schmoes). While there I was the only one consistantly pelted by cicadas or whatever the heck giant insect it was. PELTED...IN THE HEAD!!!!

                 While fishing I noticed a snake in the problem as long as I can see them far enough away from me then I am OK. Trouble was I must have been at that spot an hour and never noticed the snake that was about a foot away from my feet; it was hiding in the bushes and came out only to attack the other snake that dragged a fish in it's mouth! YUCK and EEEWWWW!

                  After returning from a hike I went into the bathroom...and when I saw myself in the mirror there was a bee hanging out on the top of my head!

                  Everyone knows when there is some kind of weird insect around me because I do a  sort of dance that I can only describe as a combination of the chicken dance, twist and the jerk.

Yesterday my son ran inside to inform me that there was some kind of big bug outside. I went to investigate and this thing was definitely leftover from the Jurassic period and it came flying straight at me! I was a blurr as I ran in the house.


What prompted me to write this post today? I went out to water the grass and there was a big ol' slug on the hose which made it's acquaintance with my hand. HEEE BEEEE GEEEE BEEEES! I scrubbed my hands as if I were to perform surgery.

Still, believe it or not I am looking forward to our vacation...the only problem  is I'm sure the bugs and critters are too.
                                                               if they were only this cute


  1. I am getting such a kick out of this post!! I will admit that I HATE camping and have never done it. As my mom used to say: Man spent centuries developing air conditioning and screen doors, then wants to go back out with the heat and bugs!! Our grown kids just went, and a five foot snake came down from the bathroom ceiling and scared the wits out of D.I.L. One of the men grabbed it and swung it around and far away, it came back and went in a hole under the cabin! They slept with the lights on and didn't bathe the rest of the trip. She said they would have been safer in their tents than the cabin, because then they could have at least zipped them up and nothing could get in!! Too bad they didn't bring them. Don't mean to scare you, I'm just sayin'....You mentioned The Waltons in your last comment to me, we live by the Waltons house and are going to tour it finally! I'm sure they went camping all the time, and they never had a mishap!!

  2. I'm not a camping fan either...I wish bugs were that cute too.


  3. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  4. I feel your pain since I hate camping also :)

  5. Oh girl I'm so NOT an outdoors person, I think we've talked about this before. Bugs and me not so good thing something usually crawls up my nose or in my mouth. I so have enough protein in my life. Plus at least when you eat a candy bar and they say so much of a bug is allowed in them it's covered in chocolate so I don't think about it.

    Though a cabin might be my friend as long as I don't leave it. And in the rare occasion I do I'm dressed like a bee keeper :)

  6. What's wrong with slugs? :-) - Lee

  7. Although your post is very witty, I can appreciate the annoyances you endured. I don't like twin bunkbeds for starters, and it goes downhill from there for me.

  8. It is so nice of you to attract all the bugs so everyone else can enjoy the outdoors! I would have totally FREAKED about the snake!! (I don't even like to type the word...or look at the word....YUCK!!!!)

  9. @ Ginny~ Holy MOLEY! If A snake drops in on me I swear I will pack up EVERYTHING and go! That is a nightmare! I don't think I could even sleep after that!

    @ Ma~ Right you are

    @ Mary~ I started a blog because I love to write. It brings me alot of joy to get my thoughts down and have people read and enjoy them. Its a great feeling!

    @ Kim~ wanna go? we have room in the car ...I need someone else on my side! :O)

    @ Alexis~ LOL!!!! Don't think I haven't looked at those ads with the bee keeper type hat for mosquitos!

    @ Lee~ They are soooooooo SLIIIMYYYY blech!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ agreed! I don't like those beds either but it beats a sleeping bag on the ground. I'm trying to be positive...not working right? :O(

    @ Darlene~ LOL! never thought of it like that....they should be more appreciative of me and see what a sacrafice I am making. I say a room at a hotel would be a nice reward!


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