Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Last day of School

Today is my Son's last day of school.

Every year he comes home very, very sad....I'm NOT going to say he cries, but lets just say his eyes get a bit teary.

Every year all the teachers gather out side the school at dismissal time and they all wave white handkerchiefs of surrender? and they wave them at the children as the buses ride off into summer vacation.
 Teachers that are retiring get the distinct honor of waving from the roof. It is a sight to see. I myself saw this once and I can see why the kids get really sad.

I often the last School bus rides off into the distance are the teachers doing this?

Or this?

Being a good teacher is hard, hard work. I know... and as a teacher you do get really can you not? You're with the kids nearly 8 hours a day 5 days a week. They kind of become your kids. There is a lot of extra time and effort that goes into being a teacher; and really the only ones who understand the amount of work that goes into it is ...another teacher.

So If you are a Teacher I salute you! You deserve a good rest and please know that we parents appreciate every thing you do for our kids. believe me you are making a always remember the teachers that made an impact in their lives. I know I still do.


  1. What a story! That is a sight I would love to see!! And there must be some great teachers there for the kids to cry instead of jumping for joy!!

  2. I did a little of both on the last day of school when I was teaching. Then, I attacked cleaning my classroom. It is a very big chore to tear it all down at the end of the year, put it away, and lock it up until the next year. It usually took me nearly a week to take my classroom down at the end of the year, and nearly a week to get it all ready before I had to officially report for duty at the beginning of the next school year.

  3. I echo Ginny's word. And a good teacher is one that we never forget. The only teacher that stands out from my childhood was my 5th grade teacher. I remember her name and her face and the kindness that she showed to her students. Thank you Miss Keithly.

  4. AMEN!! The deserve oh so much!

    What a sight that must be, what a very cool tradition!

  5. Yeah, I still remember Mr Ratner from 10th grade back in the 50's. And my very beautiful first grade teacher Sister Mary Conrad.
    God bless them both.

  6. One of my long time aggravations is how little teachers are paid. These people are in charge of making sure our kids have the tools they need to succeed, and they are not paid adequately. What's worse, is frequently they use their own money for things they use in the class rooms. I find this deplorable.

  7. The last day of school always had me in tears as I watched my students run off to their parents. I would sit and cry in the room, pray for each student, and then start the packing away. It was always always so hard to say good-bye to children whose lives were part of mine.

  8. @ Ginny~Yes its is a sight to see. I had a lump in my throat too!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Agreed there is a whole lot of work and that goes into the start and end of the school year and a tremendous amaount in between too!

    @ Beth~ Mine was Mrs. Shneller. she was awesome!

    @ Alexis~They're the unsung heroes

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Aww how sweet that you remember them with such love!

    @ Matt Conlon~ So true!

  9. @ Susan Kane~ awwww That must have been very hard! I know that each and every one of those kids will remember you fondly FOREVER!

  10. I agree. Teachers play such an important role in a child's life. I'll always remember so many things my elementary school teachers said/did that made me feel special.

  11. i think teachers are awesome they have the best job with the least amount of pay. My son's godmother is a teacher and things she is required to do just to teacher is amazing. Teachers totally Rock

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