Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday's Question~~~Is Your Home "Guest Ready"?

Today's question will require you to look around your own surroundings. I look around my home and I sigh......
The laundry is waiting. There are already dishes that need to be taken care of
The office houses papers and books that need to be put away.
The kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing and the bathroom needs one too

In other words my house right now is NOT guest ready.

Now I separate the "Guest ready home" into categories

Chit chat ready   or   "Wham bam sign right here mam"
This is where a person can come to your front door (postal worker/delivery person) and only have opportunity to see just about a foot into your home.

Coffee and cake ready or "Pass the sugar but don't walk past kitchen boundry"
Guest stay in kitchen.  Kitchen and bathroom are clean.....bedrooms may not be

Luncheon ready or "Have some Quiche and please stay behind velvet rope"
Most of the house is clean basement and office might not be. No house tours.

Dinner guest ready or "Warning, opening closet doors might result in severe personal injury"
The whole house is clean and your kids have been threatened to keep their rooms tidy for at least one day! There are some closets however that are housing several hoards.

Overnight guest ready or "NOBODY TOUCH a DAMN THING! everyting is perfect and if you ruin it the punishment will be SEVERE! "

This is the most stressful of all "guest ready" stages. Every bit of the house must be perfect (or close to it). You will spend days and days getting the house to look like the inside of a freakin' museum. Children listen to  stern warnings for about a minute...just when guest are knocking at the door...someone spills juice on the couch, You must make sure there are no surprises for "curious" know... nosey body relatives that need to open all closets and or drawers.

 Take heed though..Murphy's law is in effect in all stages. If you have a mess anywhere in the home...guests will find it....ex make sure all laundry has been put away especially that little runaway sock that is lurking under the loveseat waiting to rear its ugly little head.... That Murphy is heartless!

So today's question is... how ready is your home right now for guests?

 I will start, It's only fair so ...I am chit chat ready. that is why I will dedicate  today to cleaning and scrubbing. By the end of the day the house will be spotless (in my dreams ahhhhh)....and no one will ring that door bell........but the moment the dogs runs in with muddy paws and my son drops all his Legos on the floor, Daughter leaves art project on the kitchen table and I bring up the laundry to fold....ding dong...a friend will stop by.

some links to help you get to "House beautiful Bliss"... 

How to Clean Your House Fast - Quick Cleaning Tips - Good Housekeeping


Make House Cleanup a Family Job <-----I just added this one to give you a bit of hope we all know darn well this is a fairy tale!

See ya Monday. Have an awesome weekend! Blessings, Joanne


  1. No not ready...but come on in anyways:)

  2. Thanks for these cool links! I try to keep both the kitchen and living room company ready. So my living room always looks pretty good. The kitchen tends to get a build up of things on the table and bar, and right now along with the pretty centerpiece on the table is a carton full of individual milk boxes, a bag of crafts from Michael's, newly bought fireworks, and a newspaper! I need to get it ALL off!!!

  3. You were describing my house and what chores need to be done :)

  4. After too many hours, my house is almost luncheon ready, and I need to get it to at least dinner guest ready by tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, my mom's 70th birthday party is here . . . and that means our yard needs work too. Aaah!!! LOL Thankfully, everyone knows me well, and hopefully no one will poke into the closets too far. We got a few closets clean, and then realized that we needed to clean the main part of the house. It's actually way more fun to pull out junk from a closet than it is to clean a toilet, or vacuum.

  5. Not quite chit-chat ready, any doorbell ringer will have to talk on the porch, which is strewn with flip-flops, work shoes, various cups, plates and glasses (there are two of us), so really I should shout through the door (if it were a screen-door I would strain my voice)to meet me at the mail-box to talk.
    My spouse does tutoring, I feverishly vacuum while she wipes the bathroom before the student arrives.

  6. No. I can tell you that in all honesty. We had guests for dinner last night and I had to clean the downstairs thoroughly. As for the guest room - that is Don's office - and my still unpacked luggage is in there, as well!


  7. if they are coming to see me then huse is ready but if they came to see the house thenit's so not ready

    Everyday Life

  8. @ Ma-awww don't mind if I do! I bet it smells like fresh baked bread...that's one of my favorite scents!

    @ Ginny-I know how you feel. The mess on my table is driving me nuts!

    @Kim-wanna trade? LoL

    @ Tyrean- oh happy birthday to your Mom! Hope you are able to get everything done in time......stress! Time for chocolate or liquor LOL!

    @ Anthony- you vacuum?! Someone get my husband in here right away! He needs some inspiration! Thank you Anthony, you donT know it but all the women on this comment form would probably want to hug you!

    @ Claudia-you must be exhausted! Come lemonade coming right up!

  9. @ Becca- you are such a sweetheart I wouldn't care if it was a mess or not! We could just hang out I'll bring the sweets and you supply the non alcoholic drinks with the little umbrellas!

  10. My house is always only at coffee and cake stage - but eh, I decided a while ago when I was writing in my spare time, I was doing things the wrong way around. Now I clean in my spare time. And with all the writing, I don't get a lot of that :)

  11. My house is not ready for anything! I've been outside doing lots of yard work, so that always means the inside suffers. I don't get too stressed out about it much anymore. No one ever stops by, so that takes off a lot of pressure. If they do, oh well, they get what they get!

  12. If someone came to my door right now, I'd pretend I wasn't home. I've been gone for a week and my husband has turned this place into a bachelor pad.

  13. I am as ready as I will ever be. I try to keep the house picked up, dishes washed, and bathroom cleaned. Not so easy if you have children at home.

  14. I like what Ma said. come in anyways....whatever the condition....just want people to feel at they belong.

  15. My house always looks messy but then I live in a home not a house and if you do not like a bit of mess do not visit

    I do not like univited guess most days anyways, I like to have warning someone is coming that way I can makee the house as you put it Luncheon ready....

  16. There is always the guest that comes over that is the "Best Friend" the one you know can come over with dust bunnies and all and you have no worries about judgement.

    Then there is the "Mother" Visit were your waiting for her to break out the white glove and do the whole house. That visit I don't even think I pass when everything is perfect ... lol.

    No my current house lord with this dog shedding all the time and no matter how many times I vacuum looks like I'm starting my fur coat company! Then you walk towards the boys room you see the bikes, scooters & skateboard. Then you hit there room that looks like a war zone of army men and worker guys have exploded. The bathroom is a danger zone with 3 boys "thinking" they can stand and pee. And the laundry pile that is creeping of my side of the bed (since I'm the only one who knows how to put clothes away). Oh yes I don't think the house is even ready for me to walk threw this break my neck trap!


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