Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Fear

I lived on the fifth floor.
My friend lived on the eleventh.

She was the first of our friends to get Cable. and the Movie everyone was watching on cable was...was...Oh I cant say it!

Lets just say it was a very very scary movie. When I was 11 even the commercial advertising it when it first came out in theaters  gave me nightmares.

I was about 15 and she invited me to her place to watch cable. They were playing the very movie who's commercial caused me to run out of the room when I was younger.

"Please come up" she pleaded. "I can't watch this by myself!"

"Then why watch it at all?" I reasoned. "It's dumb." *translation* "I might pee myself with fright!"

"P L E A S E !" she pleaded

"Oh alright!" I went upstairs, we made popcorn and sat on the floor to watch the movie.

Within ten minutes we both ran out of the room and could not go back in even to turn off the darn TV!

I had nightmares for months...

     Fast forward.

In my late thirties they re-released the movie in theaters again. Now if you know me you know that I hate to be afraid of anything...I hate it. and whenever I can I try to face my fears ex...rock climbing early this year even though I am deathly afraid of heights.

It seemed that I had been afraid of that stupid movie for over 20 years...well no more! I called my best friend who was also a chicken about that movie and talked her into going and watching the whole thing with me...hey I wasn't about to go by myself! If I'm going to pee myself I'm going to have someone with me who'll walk behind me so no one will see the wet spot. My Husband said "Joanne you shouldn't go. That movie is going to give you nightmares".

"Nope, it won't. It'll help me face this fear."

The plans had been made and I was going to face my fear of this stupid stinkin' movie once and for all.

My friend and I loitered outside the movie theater letting everyone in ahead of us and even then we kept asking the ticket guy...."Well, what do you think of the movie? is it scary? will it freak us out?"

"NO NO NO." he answered. Well of course he answered that way. The guy has been desensitized playing violent video games and by watching movies like Saw. A movie made in the 70's was not going to phase him.

We had to make a decision. So in we walked. Instantly I slumped in my seat with a jacket covering me all the way up to the bridge of my nose like a security blanket.

I looked at my friend and she looked exactly the same. We were two grown women and I was right back feeling like that scared 11 year old watching the commercial.  Throughout the movie I kept my eyes closed for a lot of it and what little I did watch was through tiny slits that I would allow my eyes to open and see through.

My friend and I laughed nervously at our stupidity because no one around us looked as scared as we did. I couldn't wait for the movie to end.

As we walked out of the theater we congratulated ourselves and we concluded that it was not that bad.

At home I told my husband that I had hyped it up so much in my head that when I saw the movie it really wasn't that bad.

"Oh really? he questioned me with a knowing sneer

"Yes really." I answered

" Joanne, I know you. You are not going to be able to sleep and you will not allow me to sleep either." He added

"Oh please! I'm over it! I've seen the film and that is that. I am no longer afraid of it."

"We will see."

"We will see" I mocked him. I was done with that fear...onto the next. Him not believing me made me feel a bit miffed...."I'll show him!" I thought.

That night as he slept soundly (and I tossed and turned) I woke him up

"What is it Joanne?" he groggily asked

"I have to go to the bathroom." I said

"So, GO." He yawned

"Go with me?" I meekly asked


For the next week I couldn't sleep and would race to bed so that he would be the last to turn off the lights.
Facing my fears.... wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~A Bit of Fairy Fantasy

OK, get yourself a nice hot cup 'o tea.  

                Get comfy.

                               Has your week been hard?


                                                     Have you been a bit stressed?

         Remember when you were could escape by playing make believe or by reading a fairy tale?

So whats stopping you now? 

                                  Let me help....Here you go

                                      Here's a bit of fairy dust


                                           You are ready now

This week's art is all about fairies and fantasy. Michelle Bradshaw is an artist that sculpts polymer clay into beautiful fairy tale fairies and other interesting characters. Be prepared to smile and be in awe of her talent.

This week I give you a bit of Fairy Fantasy...enjoy

   Isn't it just beautiful?

This next video I have posted before but I feel it goes perfectly with this post.

It is simply breathtaking and I would love to see the full version.

                              I hope you all have a Magical Weekend!!!

                                              Blessings, Joanne


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cry Baby

I just wanted ten minutes by myself

                                       Not twenty...just ten.

I let the hot water just flow over me and I sighed with relief at the comfort of an ordinary shower.


My husband needed the hair brush. He came in and left.


My husband needed the deodorant and he asked me about my car



"D's teacher just called she wants to set up an appointment with us"


"Do You Want.....?"

"Please can I just have some time alone?!!!LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!"  It was then that I started to cry. When I reached my bedroom I completely fell to pieces. I had so much buried frustration pent up that it came pouring out of me, But that's me. I can take it and take it and take it and the inane  fact that I couldn't take an uninterrupted shower pushed me over the edge.
My Husband came in, took one look at me and rubbed my back.

                  He let me cry

                      He didn't give advice

                         He didn't ask why

                              He just let me cry.

After my therapeutic cry he gave me a hug.

            I felt so much better.

                  It was then that I was ready to start my day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Fashion~~~Handbags/purses

So it's that day of the week where I post about Fashion.....Besides the shoes what makes your outfit complete? .....

                          A Killer Handbag

I love old handbags. I really don't care about name brands and what is in . I just love a handbag that is different ...unique.

Here are some hand bags that I found on the net from different decades

   1920's French Art Deco



1940's irresistible box it.

           In the 40's it seems that crochet bags were very in. I love this one


1960's Hippie-Boho Tote



                                      1970's  Birdcage Slat purse

The following are some bags that are very very unique. I don't know if I would carry any of them but they are sure fun to look at.

       Kathleen Dustin Flora Bags~~~ These are definitely artistic 

 This one is a no no in New York...too much of a chance to be dragged by closing train doors or muggers!

I could see a little girl loving this one


               This is very cool . You would need to be wearing something super plain and elegant and let this be the stand out piece.                                       

Vintage Classic Cassette Clutch~~ Very cool but you'd need to be OK with everyone being able to see all the contents of your purse. 


Here is one of my purses. It is 50 years old and in great shape. I hardly use it. My husband tells me I look like one of the actresses in an old movie whenever I use it...I'll take that as a compliment.

This is the inside. It was a surprise to me when I saw the color.

The gold printed stamp reads Saks Fifth Ave...

I always wondered who it belonged to ....maybe.......



                               Hey, a girl can dream right?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


        I may not have shown it or written too much about it but the last month has been very very stressful here. I think I have run the gamut of feelings from scared to to worried to angry and disappointed. I will not bore you with all of it, but all I can say is that I have been stressed.

My question to you is ...what do you do to combat or deal with stress?

Do you do yoga?

Do you meditate or Pray?


Do you dance like a nut when no one is looking?

Do you read a scary book?

Or do you watch some  reality TV show that makes your life seem normal.

This is what calmed my raw nerves last week.....

Well, that and a bit of (ok, a lot of) praying!
 I made a little tote for my niece. I call her my little ladybug

The way I am feeling lately I should have about 500 of these made by friday!

so what do you do when you are stressed?


Monday, October 24, 2011


On Sunday we celebrated my In-law's 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted a small celebration...dinner with the family at their favorite Italian restaurant

It was in the same restaurant in which they celebrated their 40th anniversary

and it was the same restaurant in which they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

All I can say It's one darn good restaurant.

We had hot antipasto which was unbelievably yummy

I had the shrimp oreganata with angel hair pasta.

 I looked over at my in-laws and they can argue and nudge each other all day long.

He'll tell her that she is cooking the sauce all wrong.

and she'll tell him to go jump in the lake.

but when we clinked our wine glasses.....they kissed.

            ...and for a moment I'm sure it brought them back all those years ago when they said "I do". They love each other. They need each other. A marriage lasting 50 years is a beautiful thing these days.  They have seen good times and bad.

I have been married for 16 years and I hope and pray that we will one day far off in the future celebrate 50 years together......           

and when he tells me I am cooking the sauce all wrong....

I'll tell him to go jump in the lake..... and he'll know I still  love him with all my heart.