Friday, October 07, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~ The Caregiver

Hi All!
             I'm sorry I have not been able to post for the last few days. I have been running around to doctors and M.R.Is and specialists and cooking and cleaning and being Mom, Wife, Daughter and nurse. I am tired. Over at Mynx's place Dribble she invited people to post their own art work ...
 I wanted to post something current but every time I put brush to canvas or pencil to pad I would hear my name being called.
                           MOM can You....

                            Joanne, I need.....
                            Mom! where are.....

I have my Mom here while she recuperates from her fall and yesterday I took out a painting I did  years ago. It is called "The Caregiver". I wanted to enter a open call that a local Art Museum had. The theme was "Stilled Life" and I immediately thought of not  bowls of fruit or inanimate objects, but a life that has been "stilled" by illness.
I painted this couple maybe they are in their late 70's or early eighties.  The museum didn't choose this painting and so I took it back home and placed it on it's side in my guest room/office.

I did not have models. But to me this couple became very "real". I have know quite a number of people who have become caregivers to their spouses or parents. I admire their faith and patience as they gracefully get through every day against unbelievable circumstances.

In my painting the man suffers from Alzheimer's. His wife lovingly smooths his hair. He blankly stares ahead. She is now the keeper of all those years together. She is now the keeper of their memories. She loves and cares for him no matter what.   On the wall is a picture of him in an army uniform and some sort of medal rests on a small shelf. On the right wall is their black and white wedding picture

When she looks, really looks she still sees the young man she married. she loves him with all her heart.

On the table to the left in an old fashioned phone because they never found a reason to get rid of it. Next to the phone are his prescriptions.

On the far right is a record player. the kind that had a lid and sort of turned into a table when closed, but now it is opened and as you can see it is playing a record. Maybe it's their song?

On another side table are pictures of their children or grandkids.

I hope you liked my painting. It is the first time more than just my family or the people from that art museum have seen it.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings, Joanne


  1. Your picture is wonderful! Have you painted others? Then I wish you would show them on Fridays! I could never create something like this. And you have added so many little touches that really tell a story.

  2. Joanne!

    You've been holding out on us. That is very beautiful. I think of Jesus's command to do unto others and I can see in the wife's eyes that she is not resentful, but loves him.

  3. Not only are the pictures wonderful, this is a beautifully touching story. Hugs to you!

  4. Lots of detail. A picture that is worth a thousand words.

  5. I love your painting!And I hope you have a better week.

    God bless you Joanne, :-)

    BTW, thanks for your recent comment on my "Don't Mess With Old People!" post. ~Ron

  6. You have a wonderful and thoughtful painting...all the details are so much like life. I hope you get to rest soon.

  7. Joanne! This is so beautiful. You can really see and feel your heart in it. My eyes filled up with tears reading what you wrote. Wonderful.

  8. I love you painting. You really do have great talent. You put so much feeling and meaning into this. It really is touching.

    The roll of caretaker is a hard one. You really do have your hand full. God bless you during this time. I will keep you in my prayers.

  9. Joanne, your artwork truly depicts stilled life. You're a talented woman.

  10. @ Ginny- thank you so much! I haven't painted anything recently, but I just may have to make the time.

    @ Ma- what a sweet comment! Thank you!

    @ Maeve- thank you! Telling a story even in painting is important to me. I am so glad you liked it!

    @ Mybabyjohn- thank you so much!

    @ T.O.Geezer- thank you!

    @ Kim -thank you I'm glad you like it!

    @ Tracyjo- aw you are sweet. Thank you!

    @ Retired English Teacher- thank you! And thank you for your prayers!

    @ Robin- thank you!

  11. Wow what a powerful painting. I am sorry the museum did not pick it, but am so grateful you shared it with us, thank you. This is a talent the Lord you have you share; along with the story of it, the message is important. I will see if my daughter can link her post with yours. Chronic illness can take a toll on a family in so many ways, yet the Lord is able to bring many blessings through such trials, if we allow Him to do so. I was forced home after a fire at the place I worked, being exposed to chemicals in the fire, but it allowed me to home school my children. It was hard but we are so close today as the result of it. May the Lord open doors for your ministry in art to be seen.
    Mrs. J.

  12. What a fantastic work of art. I think you should give it another go and enter it into another contest. Even if you do or do not win, frame it and display with pride you did a great job on it! Diane

  13. wow you are amazing these are so beautiful and heartwarming thank you for sharing

  14. Joanne, what a gift you have. This painting really touched home for me. Before my hubby's mother passed away his father cared for her at home for quite a few years. She had dementia and had a very difficult time at night. My husband and his two brothers would take turns sleeping at their folks home every other night to give their day a bit of a break. Sometimes she would be up all night. Being a caregiver is a difficult job. They all deserve blessings from heaven. Hope things get better for you soon.

  15. @ Mrs. J. and Miss J~ Thank you so much! You are in my prayers as well!

    @ Diane~ Aw thank you! Maybe i will give it another try :O)

    @ Becca~ Thank You Becca you are very sweet!

    @ Jann Olson~ What a beautiful family...all pitching in to help. What a blessing your husband and his brothers were to their Dad. God bless them!

  16. captured the details so perfectly. An older friend....a writer is doing just as you painted...she's now the keeper of his memories and lovingly takes care of him. Your painting is awesomely done!!!!

  17. Your painting is so moving, Joanne. I love how you built a life and depth into your painting. So many of us can identify with some part of this magnificent art statement. Thank you for sharing with us! What a gift!

  18. What a painting! It says so much. You have talent, and need to share it. Please show more paintings, if you have them.


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