Thursday, October 13, 2011


     A few days ago I quietly celebrated my one year bloggerversary. One year ago I decided to take the plunge into the blogger pool and hoped that someone out there might be interested in what I wrote.

I have grown to really love this blogging world and the people in it. In the description of this blog ...It reads "a blog about a smidgen of time and what I do with it." somehow It has evolved into a blog in which I hope people take ten minutes out of their day and spend it with me. I want to have a place where people feel welcomed, maybe have a laugh or two and leave feeling better than when they came. Every day I look forward to seeing your comments and I am so grateful for them and for your sweet thoughts and prayers when I needed them.

I feel like I sort of know you all and it is so awesome to know where I will be spending a bit of time each day...visiting some of my favorite blogs written by you.

So thank You for an awesome year and for being so giving to a novice blogger.

Love You Guys!
Blessings, Joanne

I've had this song stuck in my head all day... I found this video on You tube enjoy!


  1. Happy blogverssary!!!! Uh-oh, spell checker is really after me now!! Your blog is a delightful stop in my day. The Lucy and Desi video is so appropriate for today, too! Don't get me started on that, so sad when they divorced, just as bad as the Sonny and Cher split!!

  2. That is very exciting, and I am glad you chose to start it! The video did not work for me, sad face. Anyway, congrats!

  3. Happy Anniversary! May you have many happy blogverssaries to come. In Him we live and move and have our being.
    Mrs. J.

  4. Happy bloggerversary to you!

    You commented on one of my posts like a day or two after a friend of mine told me I should be taking 10 minutes out a day to talk to kids, no mp3 player, etc. I saw the title of your blog and thought, WOW what confirmation!

  5. Happy Blogaversary. Cake and balloons to you. There is nothing like the blogasphere for acceptance and friendship.

  6. Happy Blogiversary,Joanne, and many more! I enjoyed the video.

  7. Happy Blogaversary! Love you, too!

  8. Happy Blogaverary!! Bring on the cake and champagne!
    I love your blog Joanne and you are well worth more than 10 minutes of my time daily!

  9. Lucy and Desi were brilliant! Great choice.
    Happy B-versary! I love reading your blogs.

  10. Yeah congrats my dear!!! I really need to look when I started ... lol

    I love coming by to say hi, you always make me laugh and your comments mean the world to me!

  11. Happy one year anniversary
    in the blog world... I like the smigen of time ... phrase

  12. Happy blgvsry, I always enjoy reading your posts. Couldn't get the video to play but thats ok.
    Thank You

  13. Congrats! Love taking time out to visit with you. Always a joy to see a comment from you on my blog also! Keep on a blogging girl!

  14. I have been enjoying the blog world so much too! I've come across so many awesome people!
    Morning Has Broken


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