Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandma's Stay

It's been three weeks since my Mom had her accident. She had been staying with me and she has been the perfect patient...though I have caught her taking off her leg brace from time to time.

She says she is ready to go home.

                     We will see.

I think she is going to change her mind about that.

                       because you see.....

My Daughter has introduced her to........

                                           Angry Birds

And she's getting good at it!


  1. Angry birds! That's so funny. I wonder if my MIL would like it. :)

  2. I am going to have to google Angry Birds to see what it is.

    Hopefully your mother won't go home until she is fully recovered.

  3. haha! I love it when moms and grandmas experience the joys of angry birds for the first time! she might not go home at all!

  4. I've seen some stuff for Angry Birds, but, I'm out of the loop and don't know what it is.

  5. Oh, that is precious! That 'angry birds' game has engaged so many. I may get it for my elderly mother-in-law.

  6. And how perfect! It will help your Mom fill her time while convalescing.


  7. I love angry birds! Should I make her a hat like I made Morgan?

  8. Oh my goodness, too cute! We LOVE Angry Birds and there is another game by the same makers, Bunny Shooter, tell them about that one, it's a little easier. Then there is another just like angry Birds called Beaver's Revenge. Instead of birds slinging at pigs, it is fish being slung at lumberjacks. Can you tell I spend entirely too much time on my iPad?

  9. hehe Angry birds can solve anything. Do you think the guy in misery would have stayed if only should would have an iPad and Angry birds ... lol

  10. It sounds as though your Mom is getting better. That's great!


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