Monday, October 24, 2011


On Sunday we celebrated my In-law's 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted a small celebration...dinner with the family at their favorite Italian restaurant

It was in the same restaurant in which they celebrated their 40th anniversary

and it was the same restaurant in which they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

All I can say It's one darn good restaurant.

We had hot antipasto which was unbelievably yummy

I had the shrimp oreganata with angel hair pasta.

 I looked over at my in-laws and they can argue and nudge each other all day long.

He'll tell her that she is cooking the sauce all wrong.

and she'll tell him to go jump in the lake.

but when we clinked our wine glasses.....they kissed.

            ...and for a moment I'm sure it brought them back all those years ago when they said "I do". They love each other. They need each other. A marriage lasting 50 years is a beautiful thing these days.  They have seen good times and bad.

I have been married for 16 years and I hope and pray that we will one day far off in the future celebrate 50 years together......           

and when he tells me I am cooking the sauce all wrong....

I'll tell him to go jump in the lake..... and he'll know I still  love him with all my heart.


  1. How special! It's wonderful to celebrate a happy marriage! I've been married about the same number years as you! ♥

  2. A big congratulations to your in-laws. It isn't easy to stay married 50 years. Love is the glue that holds it all together. I have faith that you will make it beyond 50 years!

  3. Sixteen years - that's a lot of work in the right direction. I bet you'll get there! I'm working on 20 come this March. Congrats to your in-laws.

  4. So nice to read this lovely post about an enduring wedding anniversary.
    I like Italian food too.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Ahhh that is fab! Even cooler that the restaurant is around all that time!

    Now if I told Rick to jump in the lake I may just be temped to push him in. You know with a love tap :)


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