Monday, October 03, 2011

Safe From Burglars

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I really needed them! We had quite a weekend here. We took yet another trip to the ER . My Mom's foot looked horrendous. There they thought that the "sprain"  was also accompanied by damage to the Achilles tendon.  So today I will try to take her to the Orthopedist. The fun never ends here! UGH!

So there is something that I found out about myself this weekend

                  ........... I can literally swallow a scream.


I am not ready to write about it just yet because the utter frustration will surface and I will bang on these keys so hard I'll end up breaking this dilapidated crappy computer!!!!!

so I will write about something else.

what to write
what to write

Hmmmm. maybe some music will help.

                      "Now where the heck is my ipod nano?" I suddenly cringe. why? Because remember that trip we took to see my friends in  upstate New York? No? here is the post----> " I told You So" 

Before that lovely adventure with our Dog started; we were in the driveway and I decided to run back into the house. I had forgotten to put away a few things. I'm always afraid of a "break in" so I tend to "put away" things like jewelry and electronics...just in case. So at the last minute I put away my beloved ipod nano and ran back to the car...... That was what... 4 weeks ago?

guess what happened.

             no ...thank God we did not have a break in...

                           guess again

                       Yep, someone out there yelled out the right answer.

I hid the nano in such a great great that now I can't remember where I put It!!!!!                                                    

fanfreakintastic! oh and for those of you who asked what are they are. 
                    source                                             source


after all that has happened in the last week I'm going to go to the supermarket and get myself a few of these yummy treats.

        .....Hey this is an emergency. Maybe in my sugar coma haze I will receive a vision of the whereabouts of my nano... and my grad ring and my library card and .........

.....I'm gonna need a bigger cart


  1. I do this all the time, and not even when I'm trying to hide anything, just when I straighten up! Some things I have never found!

  2. OH I hope you find your iPod soon! I hate it when I do that!

  3. You are so funny! Sorry about your ipod- I do the same thing- can't remember those good hiding places! Maybe we need to leave ourselves a text message when we hide something :) I'll take two boxes of Yodels, please.One for now, one for next time I have to swallow a scream! Hope things get better for you and your mom!

  4. Sounds like a frustrating weekend. Any clue as to why someone would name a chocolate log cake a yodel? Anyhoo...sure hope your Mom gets some relief soon and good luck on that ipod search.

  5. I hope your days will bring better moments soon! :)

  6. I spend about half of my life looking for things.

    Tossing It Out

  7. When I moved here last year I lost one of my two nanos. I finally found it just a couple of months ago. I also lost my crockpot which I found after I bought a new one. Both of these things were packed away so well I couldn't find them.

    I hope things settle down for you and your mom's foot gets better.

  8. I'm getting older, thats my excuse.

    Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep
    Trouble on Earth Day
    Author Kathy Stemke (my spouse)

  9. Joanne, I am just getting caught up. So sorry to hear about your last few days! You always have such a great attitude. Sending you lots of positive vibes. I so can't wait to hear where you find your Ipod...I just know it is going to be a good post! :-)

  10. Swallowing a scream sounds rather painful! I could get so much done if I didn't spend at least half my time looking for something!! I hope you find your ipad. And, I hear ya on the crappy computer thing...actually, my problem is a crappy mouse. It's a makin' me crazy!! Hope everything is ok with your mom's foot.

  11. I hope your Mom starts getting better soon.


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