Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Had to Bring in the Big Guns

 As You all know I am missing my sweet Ipod Nano. I have been too busy taking care of Mom to really look for it so I have called in the big guns...yep Sherlock Holmes

          "Hello My Dear! Long time no see! In fact the last time I was here in the states I was helping you find your engagement ring."

                 "Why Yes, Thank you for coming over Mr Holmes."

          "My pleasure I'm always in the mood for a good mystery. By the way have you lost weight?"

              "Why yes, so nice of you to notice."  I blush.

         "Now, Joanne you say you lost your Nano."

               "Yes , Mr Holmes. I lost it right before my trip".

         "Hmmmm, I see...now please you don't have to address me so formally... I have helped you many times remember?" I nod in agreement.

        "Why there was the case of the missing bracelet on your wedding day."   

I nod at the memory

         "Then there was the engagement ring disappearance of 1996.

                         I nod some more

       "Oh and remember the car registration that went missing in 2004?" 


              "Eye glasses of 2007?"

And the repeat of the missing engagement ring fiasco of 2009


I yawn "Ok Sherl, I think all my blogger buddies have a nice clear picture now"

 "Alright then, lets get started." He puffs away on his stinky pipe.

     "Oh sorry but there's no smoking in my house."

 "This is part of my shtick, I can't let it go."

      "Try this instead."

                   "I guess It'll have to do. So now then lets retrace your steps that day. This will often trigger the memory of where the lost item could be."

           "How far back should I go?"

        "Let's say starting first thing that morning" He blows bubbles and pops them


"Ok, First I did the laundry.

made breakfast for family

cleaned dishes ( dishwasher was not working)

made sure that all toiletries were packed

I packed all of our dog's foods and treats,

I ironed and then packed the kid's clothes.

I cleaned the bathroom

dusted everything vacuumed the floors


then mopped again after Hubby walked in with his dirty shoes

Watered the house plants

packed snacks for the road

gave the dog a bath before we left

phew.... there!"

         "That is an amazing amount of work, but I meant just that morning, not 24 hours before."

         "What? no that's just the first hour...in hour two I......

Man works from sun to sun but woman's work is never done...because no one wants to pick up after their darn selves! <--- I know but that's how it should read!

come back next week for the second part of  "The tale of the missing Nano"!      yep that's right ....I still haven't found it.


  1. What a fun post! Maybe it's in the dishwasher, and that's why it's not working. Or, maybe you packed it. Did quite a bit of packing I noticed. Anyway, I hope you and Mr. Holmes solve this mystery soon. Best wishes for you, your mom, and Nano (wherever he may be), or is it a she?

  2. Very clever! I have always liked Sherlock, and I love a good mystery. Can't wait for the next part, gosh, I really hope you find it!

  3. Oh I hope you find it. I washed my son's nano only a couple of weeks after he got it. Surprisingly it survived.
    I would be so lost without my ipod touch or ipad..

  4. As I always tell my hubby when he lose something (which is several times a day), walk backwards in your mind. Sherlock is on the right track except he has it backwards.

  5. I hope Sherl has luck finding your iPod in the next installment. I would let you borrow my second one that I finally found but I am afraid you might lose it too. :-)

  6. @ Jann Olson~ A nano is a liitle electronic thingy that stores and plays music...and I miss mine :O( Thanks for the comment I'm glad you liked the post!

    @ Ginny~ Thanks! You and I are alot alike... I love all those mysteries too!

    @ Mynx~I have heard that from so many people! My nephew's ipod also ended up in the wash and it still works!

    @ mybabyjohn/Delores~ You are right! just between you and me I think sherlock just comes here for the yodels!

    @ Beth~ LOL!!!!! You have just made me laugh out loud and I'm lovin you for that!!!!

  7. What?! Sherlock Holmes has not found it? Maybe you need to bring in Watson!

  8. What a tale we weave!! You always have me laughing!! I can't wait to hear more :) Or if you left it in the fridge like I would have :)

  9. Yes there is a mystery here! I recognize your list of work done this morning too well...I hope the nano is found.

  10. This is a very clever and fun post!

  11. It might just show up when you least expect it. My diamond fell out of my ring and I found it two months later when I was cleaning out a drawer in my kitchen. I never thought I would see it again.

  12. I've been on a blogging break and I am just back to read that you have lost your Nano. I hope it turns up soon. I lost a new pair of glasses just before we went on vacation. I searched high and low. I tried to retrace my steps and remembered taking them to the State Fair. I finally decided they had fallen out of my purse at the Beach Boys concert. Yesterday, I opened the backdoor of my husband's car to put my suitcase inside when we got to the airport. There they were - my glasses! I knew they had fallen out of my purse. Yeah - the lost has been found.

  13. Joanne, I love stopping by because you always make me laugh. Loved that he noticed your new slim figure!

  14. @ Ramona~ Watson is afraid to fly ;O)

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Nope I checked! :O)

    @ Kim @ Stuff could~ Me too! I can't stand my own humming! :O)

    @ Mind Of Mine~ Thank You!

    @ Barb~Oh wow there's hope for me!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ So glad you found them! I lost a pair of glasses at a barbeque at our house and never ever found them. I think they may have been throw out. :O(

    @ Thank You! Yes, that Sherlock is a charmer! LOL!

  15. Okay, you have me on the edge of my seat....guess I'll tune in next week to see if the case of the missing Nano has been solved!

  16. great story but no fair leaving me hanging like this i'm not good with cliff hangers

  17. that was really fun... but did you find your Nano??? LOL I loved all the pictures and you asking him to use a bubble pipe.. was priceless... so funny...


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