Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion Wednesday~~Bathing Suit War With my 14-Year-Old

I have a fourteen year old teenage daughter.
                                                   Image result for typical teenager                                         

                           Thank you, Thank you for your empathy.

A few days ago we went shopping for a bathing suit for her.

                      I did a lot of this before  we left.

Because if you have a 14-year-old daughter you know that something like bathing suit shopping can turn into an epic battle.


Oh, it all starts off sweet...until she comes over to me holding a suit like this...

                                     Image result for string bikini bath suit on a hanger               

OK OK,  it looked more like this but.....
                                                    Image result for string bikini bath suit on a hanger


As a mother of a teenage girl all bikinis look like this to me
                                           Image result for old frederick's of hollywood bra and panty sets on hanger                                                      

All of them emphasize the parts we don't want them to show.

But I was ready; I showed her a picture of a good suit that I thought was perfect for her. "Look" I said "The girl in the picture is SMILING. I bet she made Her Mom very happy"
                                                    Image result for modest bathing suits for christians

   She answered by doing the teenager eye roll.                                                     
                              come on eye roll GIF                                         

To which I calmly responded...
                                           angry smoke GIF by Originals                                                      

saying something along the lines of...

                        " My way or the highway"
                                "Like it or lump it"
                                      "Too bad so sad"


She walked back to the racks of suits and brought back something like these

                                           Image result for skimpy bathing suit on hanger

I lovingly said " If you keep bringing me itty bitty swimsuits I'll make you wear this!"

                        Her response
                                     angry jeff sessions GIF

                                   angry hate GIF

                                      and then a compromise

                      She got a tankini that sort of looks like this  

Tomorrow we are going shopping for shorts

                             back to this                                              


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012








                     As we walk around today perhaps at a barbecue or standing and waving at a parade..Let us pray for those that never got their wish....

                            to come Home.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Wonderful Stop Motion

ALOHA and guess what? While on my break...I won the lottery!

and of course I bought a home in Hawaii


                                         I learned the hula

                           OOPS wrong picture

OK, this is a more accurate depiction of me doing the hula

                      My Manuscript titled "Hottie in Hawaii" was accepted, and even before it 's published It is already on the Time's Best Seller list.

                       Designers come to me to find out what's in....I told them Moo Moo dresses are definitely the way to go.....even for's all about comfort!
                                   Homer Simpson

                        Right this minute there is a chef in my kitchen making dinner and he has promised to do the dishes too.

                        With my winnings I have hired a masseuse to come twice a day to give me a back massage....on the beach!

                       I get a delivery of flowers every day from various modeling agencies that want me  to be the new It Girl  
...seems it's hot to be over forty and fluffy......why oh why can't they just leave me alone!

                      And I found a great Artsy Fartsy video for you all.

               ...And then I woke up


I'm not in Hawaii
        I don't have a book being published and worst of all...
                there is no chef in my kitchen

But.... I did find a great video for ya!

  I love stop motion art and this one is awesome! The song is cool too!                 
The Artist singing is Oren Lavie. The song is called "Her Morning Elegance"  This video was directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan.
It is very very creative and so much fun to watch!

                             Uploaded by 

Have a restful weekend! Thank you all for your sweet thoughts. Here's a big bear hug for each and everyone of you!

                                      Blessings, Joanne

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking a Teeny Break

               The sun keeps trying to peek through heavy clouds, but yet again the clouds are winning. We had a nice bright sunny day for Mother's day and that was great. I hope your day was beautiful too.

I haven't posted anything for the last three days.

             My mind seems to be a bit muddled lately; maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's because I am just plain tired.

I have often told myself that I don't need much sleep. I've got things to do and not enough daylight in which to do it; so I would "borrow time" from sleepy time hours.

For years it seems that I would go to sleep at 2am and sometimes later... only to awake at 6 and I seemed to be fine.

Working "part time" only meant that I took the paperwork home and would work way into the wee hours. "Full time" meant Double Time.

Working late nights on this little blog brought me such great enjoyment that I pushed the urge for sleep away just so that I could post.


But now this week.....I feel like burnt toast.

Caring for my Mom, taking care of two households, two kids and a husband has brought me to this point.



NO matter how hard I try, I awake exhausted and spend the day feeling "absent".

In fact after Church on Sunday when my Husband suggested going out for a walk and then to Dinner...quite frankly ( now if you guys blab on me I'll just deny it) I kind of felt like saying..."Please, no walking, no strolling, no anything...I just want a nap!"

But I didn't. How could I? I went along with the idea and had a great time. But by the end of the day My bones felt wobbly and I was right back to feeling exhausted.

 So I am taking a few days off.

                 Now, as a Mom you know that is virtually impossible. Laundry still needs to be done and who is going to feed this family? and God forbid that anyone else feed or bathe the dog.....and people can we talk about the toilet?....OK maybe not.

 Now I need to go out and find my daughter an outfit for her band concert.
    Wash a couple of loads of laundry.
       Check on Mom and make sure to pick up some things for her at the store.
             Mop the floor.
                  fold and put away laundry
                     Clean the office
                        balance "Unbalance-able" checkbook
                           pick up daughter from practise
                             Make dinner
                              ......... etc etc etc
           nothing spectacular, just regular "Mom stuff"

I think somewhere in there I can close my eyes for a bit.
Between 7-7:10pm It'll all about the ZZZZZZZ's!
Nope...have a Church group tonight. Maybe I'll take a nappypoo tomorrow.

It's ALL good!  see you all in a few days! Unless The lottery smiles my way and then I'll be typing this little blog from Hawaii!

                                                    Blessings, Joanne