Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~ Z is for~ A Blind Date For ZELDA

Zelda wanted to dress to impress,
           so she bought herself a zebra print dress.

Her friend Zafina had assured Zelda that a blind date was just the thing to zap her out of her dating slump.

Zelda was assured that her date Zachary would be perfect for her.

She had spent a week's pay on her outfit and just knew that her zealous taste for life would shine through this evening.

She arrived early to the restaurant and sat down at the bar to have a zesty drink. She rubbed the tops of her feet..they hurt. It was the first time she wore the zebra print heels.
Even though Zelda's feet throbbed with pain, She still felt Zazzy.

She looked at her and realized that her date was a bit late.

Not a good sign.

She decided to stop drinking her zesty drink preferring not to get zonked..

Just then the door to the restaurant opened and in walked Zachary.

Zelda could not take her eyes off the man as he zig-zagged through the restaurant to meet her.

She accidentally dropped her , and as Zachary retrieved and handed it back to her...

Their eyes locked and the room became a haze of shadows.

 "You must be Zelda." Zachary smiled.

Her heart beat zoomed

She knew instantly he was The One.


       It was love at first sight.


Whew! Made it!
Thank You all for visiting and commenting on my little blog throughout the A to Z challenge! It was  a lot of fun.

                           Blessings, Joanne


  1. LOL! This was great,you have done a really good job with the alphabet.

  2. haha loved it---cute clothes and guy!!

  3. A perfect date and a perfect ending to the A to Z.

  4. Wow, you did it up RIGHT!! And the zebras were my favorite animal at the zoo!

  5. Hi Joanne. I have good news for you on my blog today. ;)

  6. I love a nice zebra print dress but don't think one would look good on a short fat woman...........lol

  7. That gave me a good chuckle! Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge!

  8. Congrats with the challenge...You were so creative with Z...I could not think of all those Z words. Funny when it was love at first sight

  9. Haha funny! Love this!


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