Friday, May 04, 2012


 On Fridays when I was in High School; we would be allowed to wear our own clothes to school instead of our uniforms. It was called "civilian day". Everyone who came in "civilian clothes" had to pay 25cents for the privilege. One particular Friday, my friend wore a beautiful blue blouse. We sat next to each other in art class.

That week in art we were working with ink as our medium and were trying to create art with the use of fountain pens.

By the all know where I am going with this right?

Sometime during the end of class I had finished my drawing and
flicked my pen in a  gesture.

OK, I am hearing gasps ...and that is exactly what I did too when I realized that I had spattered black ink onto my friend's beautiful blue blouse!!!!

                         My Heart sank.

I wanted to pour the bottle of ink on myself and tell her "See it's the new style!"

                               I didn't

What I did do was rush with her to the bathroom and I immediately dabbed and soaked the spot then blotted it dry with huge amounts of tissue.

Somehow by the grace of God the stain came out.

From then on there were no voila gestures in art class! Now the following video is of someone who makes gorgeous art by painting on fabric. I wonder if she ever says voila?

                      Today I wanted to share with you the work of Barbara Woods. She creates beautiful art on silk and makes gorgeous lamps! I love the intensity in her eyes as she creates her art.  I know you will agree the results are simply magnificent!                 

                                     Uploaded by 
Insanely beautiful right?! If you are interested in seeing more of her work here is her web site

I hope you have a MAGNIFICENT weekend!

                                            Blessings, Joanne


  1. I am glad the ink all came out.

    The video is very interesting!

  2. These lamps are just gorgeous, I wish I had one! I bet they cost a small fortune, I think I will visit this site and see if there is a price. Back at school, you were just ahead of your time with your "artwork" on your friend's blouse!!!

  3. love the colours.

  4. Oh I hope you say Voila! with a flourish, loudly and often! What are a few spills in exchange for that lovely exuberance. I'd have been horrified too, though, to think I'd spoiled my friends lovely shirt. Sweet story :)

  5. Dear Joanne,

    WOW!!! I am sure your friend was forgiving! Oh how I remember art class, wearing the smocks, the smell of the paints, the feeling. Now being a teacher, when I go to pick up my students from their art class, I see the same paints and smell the same smells. It is so fun to create. And I thank you for your visit last night! BLESSINGS BACK TO YA! Anita

  6. Oh goodness, thank God it came right out!! That so would happen to me, no what would happen for me is I would sit in the ink!


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