Friday, October 21, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Lego Art

            When I was a little girl every Friday night my parents would attend  a prayer group at our church. That also meant that I could hang out with friends in the kids room.  One Friday I walked into the room and saw that the younger kids were playing with a great big beautiful box of Legos.

Being 12, and there with my other 12 year old pals I pretended that those legos were just too babyish for me. I watched as my brother and his friends dove in and created awesome structures.

After just a few minutes I succumbed to the lure of those colorful interlocking blocks and eventually all of us were on the floor creating and lost in our artistic adventures.

I have loved Legos every since.

My son D who is a huge Lego fan says he is going to become a Lego designer... Have you seen some of those kits? they are amazing!

There are also artists that take it further.

So today I give you....Lego Art.

                My favorite is the guy looking at himself in the mirror

                  Hope you enjoyed this week's art

                  Have an Awesome weekend!

                                                        Blessings, Joanne


  1. I did enjoy it, thank you! My kids loved Lego when they were small.

  2. Well, you have outdone yourself with this one! They are amazing, cool, and funny! Did you know that there are iPad Lego apps?

  3. you might enjoy this...

  4. I like the man in the mirror too...I also like the girl looking out the window, statues. The one that looks like my lego building was the half finished man:)

  5. Wow! Some people have uber-spatial talents1
    LegoLand is a mere 25 miles for us, and I have never gone (my grandkids have). we are getting tickets after viewing this.

  6. That was cool. I never played with legos but my grand-kids do. They are putting a very elaborate lego store in Grapevine Mills Mall which is near where I live.

  7. That is really amazing. Long gone are the days when we made simple houses, and only simple houses, with Legos. Well, that's about all I still make.

    Have a good weekend, Joanne.

  8. That is some serious Lego Art! The friends house I just stayed at has a 4 and 6 year old...we played a lot with the legos the last couple days! :-)

  9. love legos they just opened lego land here iin FL last weekend it looks awesome

  10. Lego art is very popular nowadays. Our grandkids love to visit Legoland. It's only about 80 miles from our home.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend :-)

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  11. Hi Joanne,
    AWESOME! I couldn't choose a favorite. They were all so great. My kids all loved legos. I had on son that would play with them for hours. That was all he would ever want for Christmas. He is now an engineer, like his dad.

  12. My grandson is so totally into Legos. I never really did get into them. I was grown before they really came on the scene. Now, Lincoln Logs, that was another story. Loved those. We used to build houses out of cards. We also build wonderful things out of the bricks my father had stacked in the backyard. I think it is great when kids like to build things.


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