Friday, September 30, 2011

Artsy Fartsy.....Phooey!


Hi Everyone,
             I'm sorry but I won't be able to post Artsy Fartsy Friday this week.
 you see that cool little time line thingy on the right there?....well, that was my little countdown for a girls vacation weekend that I had planned with my friends.

As you all know I had an incident with a truck that was on fire in front of me on Friday.

What I didn't tell you is that a few days ago my Husband got into a fender bender on his way to work.

Then this morning my Mom called me to say that she had fallen.

A trip to the ER and hours later we came to find that her ankle was not broken but very badly sprained. She hurt her arm as well.

                        any case Girls Weekend is cancelled and My Mom will be staying with me for a bit.
 I don't know but I think I am going to lay low and look forward to Sunday when I will again go to a new Church we have been attending...

                And I will thank God for ...

The fact that My Mom didn't break any bones

That My Husband did not get hurt in his accident

and that the truck fire happened after my Kids and I (and of course the truck driver) were safe in the bank.

I have to look on the bright side...If I don't I'm just going to lock myself in a room, eat yodels and cry...and that wouldn't be pretty.


  1. I know this is so much stress, and I am sorry for that. But you also have so much to be thankful for. No one was hurt in the accidents, and your mom's fall could have been so much worse. How wonderful to go to church and give thanks. I hope you have a nice weekend and get to relax a bit.

  2. Im sorry you have missed your weekend but I am so happy than nothng turned out as bad as it could have been.

    Now I just want to know what Yodels are. (please dont cry)

  3. I always figure these disappointments happen for a reason, even thought it stinks! I'm sorry about your weekend:(

    I'm glad no one is seriously hurt!

  4. Sounds like you have lots to be thankful for. I have a feeling that when you do get your "girls weekend" it will be even better than the one you had originally planned. Hey...and eat some of these "yodels" whatever they are, anyway. No harm done,.

  5. You do have so much to be thankful for. Hopefully the days ahead will be brighter!

  6. Wow, that's such bad luck, but like you said, there's so much to be thankful for. Have a great weekend!

  7. That is a lot to have happen in one weekend. So sorry your girls weekend was cancelled, but I'm glad to hear that everyone is OK. I hope you can enjoy the weekend, even if you're not doing what you planned. I don't know what a yodel is either. Does it involve chocolate???

  8. Hi Joanne, So sorry that you had to cancel your get away with friends. You've had alot on your plate lately. Glad that everyone is okay. Hopefully, your mother will recover quickly. Enjoy your time with her and I hope you will be able to have a girls weekend soon.

  9. sorry to hear that hope you can go another time..hugs

  10. You have had a lot happen but you have the right attitude....Thankful!

  11. Yes, those bright sides are pretty bright in relation to the dark. Sorry for all the recent woes, though. Hang tough.

  12. Ohhh! Sorry for all that is happening to you. Keep up the positive attitude. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way. - Maeve

  13. At least your mom is Well, the Ankle can be a Royal Pain but at least it was "minor".

    I Hope I am back but with way things have been going -- Who knows?

    But figured to stop in and say "Hi" and will tell you when you do get that "Girls Weekend" You will have a BLAST -- I Knows it!

    Anything at Anytime


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