Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of School *Sniff Sniff* :O(


Tomorrow is the first day of school for my Children. As usual my daughter J has completely organized her things and is ready and excited to go back.

My son D....not so much.

                   I'm with him. I hate when they go back. I love having them home and all the time together and adventures we have. There is a calmness and ease that summer brings that turns into hurry hurry rush rush as soon as the Alarm sounds on the first day of school. There is homework and reports, the dreaded science fair project, clubs and school sports that have me running in circles and before I know it Christmas music is playing in the stores.

 As a  child I hated the first day and would have nightmares the whole week before the start of the school year. You see I was bullied...alot. Summers meant a reprieve from Delores and Valerie, Jimmy and Jackie. Going back meant punishment for me...I would always wonder what I had done wrong. 

Eventually that timid scared little girl finally stood up for herself and clonked Jimmy in the head after he tripped me ...and as for Delores and Valerie they stayed in the old neighborhood and had the prestigious career as bar flies. 

So as I send my kids off to school I will pray that they do good listening make friends with good kids and eat the  healthy snack I packed for them. I will be here when they get off the bus ready with a smile to hear all about their day.

   To all the bullies that thought it was so much fun to torture me when I was a kid.... I hope you repented and became good people and raised children to be good people too, But if you are the same jackasses that you were then; I have an atomic wedgie waiting for you if you ever cross my path!


  1. Seems so odd to me that your school year starts now. Ours starts at the end of January.
    I hope your kids have a positive start to the year and do well in every way

  2. I'm with you....I love having my kids home....but back to school for them too today. And love that threat to those bullies. Hope your kids have an awesome first day.

  3. I hope your kids have a good first day at school and the days thereafter will be the best. I know just how you feel mom. There was no bullying in my day, just the rich kids that thought they were better. My son was bullied in grade school. I imagine he is a bit older than you. It was something that required therapy as he grew older. If I could I would waylay the ones that are mean bullies and try to teach them a lesson somehow.

  4. I hated school as well. And I still have nightmares about it to this day, and I am 62!!! I think the stuff that happens to you during adolescence stays in your brain and you just never forget it! I'm glad you finally stuck up for yourself! Just finished catching up and reading your dog ordeal!!! It makes for good reading and really funny, but I know it must have been torture!!

  5. i miss the lazy days of summer but look forward to the new school year as it's fun seeing what they learn and all the activties they do

  6. I would have thought most mothers would be thrilled for the kids to get back in school. I was never a huge fan of school, but I would be excited about going back to see what my teacher would be like and who would be in my class. I always enjoyed getting my supplies for the new year. Actually, I almost wish I was a kid going back to school--not today, but back in the era when I attended.

    I feel the same way about the bullies.

    Tossing It Out

  7. @ I guess you are just going into the spring season...I'm jealous! we are going toward cooler temps...The Fall :O(

    @ Sarah (Nikki)~ They did have a good day except my son got on the wrong bus coming home!UGH!

    @ Beth~ Aww your poor Son! I am always so afraid that my own children will be bullied. My son has had some teasing when he was very little, but luckily I was there to stop it

    @ Ginny~ You are so right about it staying with you! I look back and wonder how I got through it all!

    @ Becca~ You are right about that. this year is a biggie for both my kids!

    @ Arlee Bird~ There were things that I did love...like art class and English class too!

  8. I always hated school, but not learning. I played a lot of hookey but read a lot. Ten years out of high school I attended college for two years, had a lot of fun, didn't accumulate a lot of credit.
    Finally signed up again in my early fifties, worked very hard and obtained a degree.
    The bullying thing is deplorable, schools should protect the students better.

  9. Oh goodness you have Calm at your house during the summer? Can I please come stay with you, these boys were driving me nuts .... lol

    I'm sorry you were picked on, I was too with my weight I hate the younger years. I'm glad you clocked him!!! And well so many words for the bar flies but you know they aren't worth it!


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