Monday, September 05, 2011

"I Told You So!"

Are you ever talked into something that you know is wrong? You know no matter how many times the other person says it's going to be OK you know it's not? And why is it the other person is almost always...the HUBBY.

OK let me start at the beginning.

 We went to visit some old friends. M is my Hubby's old Army buddy and they have known each other since Hubby was19 years old. They served in Desert Storm together and are truly Brothers.  M's wife has been my friend since I started dating Hubby more than 20 years ago.

We love them.

We try to see them about twice a year and this time M said "Hey bring Max" (our dog)

My hubby said " Hey that's a great idea thanks, we will!"

When I was made  aware of this plan I said "This is not a good idea." I don't think it's ever a good idea to bring a dog to someone else's home...especially if they too have a dog.
"Don't be such a worrier, Joanne it'll be fine"
S'ok, far be it for me to be a party pooper I said "OK" to the stupid stinking idea

People do ya see where I am going here? DISASTER!

Our Friends live practically on the border of NY and Canada and we live way down on the opposite end of the state.

Because of regular horrendous traffic and the result of closings due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene it took us almost nine hours.

and we don't have one of these

We were traveling with our two kids and dog in something that felt like this 

As we stopped to eat I gave my husband glaring looks because one of us had to stay outside with the dog as the others ate lunch.

I didn't say "I told you so."

We got to our destination and our passive angel dog turned into Cujo when he saw our friend's yorkie barking at us.

I didn't say "I told you so."

Our friend's teeny dog decided that he was going to try and show his dominance by mounting our dog every chance he got...naturally our dog was a bit miffed and wanted OUT of the whole ordeal.

 Help! There's a yorkie trying to do naughty things to me!

When he whined incessantly and barked for an hour straight

I did NOT say "I told you so"

When he wouldn't eat for a day and a half  I didn't say "I told you so."

He was a wreck 
We tried everything to calm him


Took him for walks

Even tried rocking him to sleep

Maybe we should have tried Yoga

                            but nothing worked. By the time he settled down it was time for us to leave. In the car I still refused to say "I told you so "Until...... someone (and I don't know who) gave the dog cheese. As a result we had to leave the windows open because he farted for 8 hours straight!  People, after hour six I turned to my Husband and said ..."I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!"

                        and that line never felt so good.


  1. Funny! I am glad you're home and I'll be that won't be happening again.

  2. I think you deserve a medal for holding out so long before delivering that line of judgement against your hubby! Poor Max :-(

  3. I can't help it, I am laughing out loud. If only the guys could realize that we women are almost always right.

  4. You could say, I told you so! This is funny!

  5. cheese to a dog in a soap box car are the ingredients for fun, at least for those of us reading:) that car photo totally got me. very funny, all through. i was eager to find out what happened next.

  6. LOL! You are such a good wife. I would have been saying that phrase throughout the entire trip.

  7. Well Joanne, we went from northeast Georgia (USA) to northwest florida to visit my old army friend (known him since 1965) and my BW and I took Lucy with us. They had a dog too. The trip there and back was fine and the visit was nice too, no problems. Lucy loved it and was well behaved.

  8. omg i'm so sorry but this made me laugh oh honey the ordeal you suffered and the poor puppy. well at least when the kids say the dog did it they were correct this

  9. @ Ma~ I'm glad I am home too!

    @ Sue H~ I think instead of a medal some chocolates from Godiva will do! ;O)

    @ Beth~ I agree!It would make life so much easier if they would just listen to us!LOL

    @ Kim @ Stuff could~ Thanks!Glad you like it!

    @ Ed Pilolla~ I thought That car pic was hilarious too!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Belive me I was screaming in my head!

    @ Susan Kane~ Amen to that!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Does Lucy make house calls I would pay for her plane ticket out here! maybe she would rub off on my Max

    @ Thank You!

    @ Becca~ LOL! You are so right!

  10. That is just too funny. I could feel your frustraion. You handled the situation better than I would have.

  11. Oh lord lady you are the nicest wife I would have been all over the I told you so ... lol

    You poor things. But I must say I have a image of you rocking a big black lab in your lap and I'm sorry I may have snorted :)


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