Monday, September 26, 2011

"Fire" Truck

Happy Monday everyone!

         Oh come on it's not so bad.


              How 'bout a smile?
                                                         All righty then.

OK you guys in the back you can stop flippin' me the bird now; I get it.

Mondays are rough.

You might not have gotten much sleep last night....or were shocked to see that you used your last pair of clean socks or (gasp) underwear yesterday.

It's OK. It could always be worse.....

cue ominous music and graphic

On Friday I went  to the bank to cash in my jar full of change- I am going on a girls weekend getaway and have been saving my change to see if I can pay for the whole weekend in what I saved in that jar.

TD bank has a cool change counter and the machine gives you a receipt then you wait on line to get your money...The best part is that you don't even have to have an account at the bank and they don't charge you for the service.
Anyways.....I get on line behind a man to claim my cash. another man who had just entered the bank yells.....

            "Hey there's a truck out there on fire!"

  We all look and sure enough there was a truck spewing out thick smoke. The guy in front of me ran out and I said " Awww poor guy he came into the bank to run a simple errand and then this happens"....then I realize that MY car is directly behind his.

 These guys are now frantically trying to get the hood open to shoot it with a fire extinguisher. They couldn't.

I start to pray that there would not be an explosion. More men now join in and another two extinguishers appear in their hands to try and douse the flames. The flames are too strong.

One man asked me "Is that your car behind his?"
I nod yes and he  says "You'd better move your car before that truck blows up and destroys it."

As I instruct the kids to stay in the foyer of the bank I fish out my car keys from my purse. I stop as I see the flames of the truck are now coming out of the bottom too. I stood there and said to myself " No, It's not worth it."

If I go out there and try to move the car I might very well get caught up in an explosion. I stayed put and silently prayed for the men trying desperately to stop the fire from getting to the fuel line.

I could hear the sirens of firetrucks and knew that the volunteer fire department were almost there.

While this was going on other people were still trying into get to the bank for transactions! One lady complained that there was no one at the drive up window and now she had to walk into the bank the long way because of the fire! Really? Really?

The thick smoke billowed out into the street  blocking view of cars on the road and the flames still tried to envelope the truck. I kept on praying. By now the men were keeping their distance from truck and I was relieved seeing them away from harm. I couldn't see my car anymore and thought to myself

How am I going to tell my husband about this one....I was imagining the talk after got home
              Hubby: "So how was your day Joanne?"
              ME:      "S'ok the car burned up after a truck exploded."
              HUBBY: " Oh, What's for dinner?"

He would not be shocked because crap like this happens all the time in this household...remember the post about the accident with a clown?---> for fender bender-s 

So the fire department put out the fire ( Thank God no one was hurt!) and the truck's engine parts had burn through and fallen onto pavement. The fire fighters left and the only vehicles in the parking lot were mine and the charred remains of the poor truck owner's.

As he got on the phone to call a tow company (I guess) and as I took my keys out to open my car door we kind of glanced at each other.  He was calm and instantly I knew crap like this happens all the time to him. I could tell He was thinking about later on in the day when he would tell his wife.

            Wifee:     "Hi Hon. how was your day"
           Truck guy: "Good, The truck burned up though."
            Wifee:      "Oh, I made meatloaf, you want corn or mash on the side?"

Maybe he's been through so much in his life that this didn't phase him in the least. Maybe he's seen a lot worse and said "Its only a truck".

So,....does this make you feel better about your day?


          OK the guys in the back are either flipping the bird again or letting me know I'm number 1 !!!


                                   I'll take the latter.


  1. Wow! This is so crazy that I expected you to say it was all just a story part way through! I know you will have a good Monday now, because your Monday was Friday! I see you posted the Angry Birds, I love that game. I am so hooked on it that I stay up half the night playing! I'm so glad no one was hurt and your car is alright!

  2. Thank God no one was hurt! What a story.

  3. Too Funny! Not the truck burning up, but the imaginary conversations. Glad your car was o.k. Like the man, I think "It's only a truck". Thank goodness he wasn't in it. Gotta tell you, "I like Mondays". Keep in mind, I no longer work. It's kindof a renewal day for me. Love getting the house in order after the bit laid back weekend. One day a man flipped me the bird because I had to quickly get over in front of him in my car to not miss my exit. Hey, I sped up and signaled. I just thought, "If it makes you feel better Mr. I can handle it." lol!

  4. If you are ok and your car is ok than thank God!!

  5. @ Ginny~ I know! I debated whether or not to post this story bacause it's just so out there...but if you knew me like my friends knew me you'd say "Well, that sounds about right!"
    I think I will take my camera along everyday from now on! :O)

    @ Marina~ LOL! I wish then maybe I'd have a better wardrobe!

    @ Ma~ Thank God is right I was so scared for those men!

    @ Jann Olson~ Yes, I bet he is thanking God that he wasn't on the highway when the fire started!

    @ Beth~ Yep I think My Guardian Angel gets paid overtime! LOL!

  6. Oh my! That's so terrible for him! I'm glad everyone was safe.

    It's so bothersome to see that "it's all about me" mentality in such a "help the man out" type of situation. =( Very depressing state of our culture.

  7. Good to know everyone is safe. Mondays can be awful:(

  8. I am glad your car is OK but I think you were smart not go out and move it. I like the way you told the story.

  9. That really is crazy! But I'm glad you are OK and I'll send you a HUG if it will make you feel better! ♥

  10. Joanne, I love you! This is hilarious. So scary too but you have the best outlook. You are right, things could have been worse. I am so thankful & happy that you are okay! You are always a day brightener. Cheers to Mondays!!

  11. @ Mindy~ I agree. I couldn't believe that she was actually complaining out loud! UGH!

    @ Malli~ Yep, Mondays are not my favorite at all! when I was little i would start my Mondays by crying about going to school :O(

    @ Barb~ Yes, I am glad That I just let it go too.

    @ ~Lavender Dreamer~Awwww Thanks! Hugs right back at ya!

    @ Tracy Jo~ You are so sweet! Happy Day to you too!

  12. I find this to be part of our everyday lives...It is funny and I am glad it turned out ok. Glad you posted it. I seem to have these crazy times too? It could always be worse:)


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