Thursday, September 08, 2011



My Hubby came home from work early today. After dinner we hung out and talked. Since the kids are back in school we started to talk about our own early school days.

I remembered only a few teacher's names

 He named all his teachers.                     

It took me forever to recall the name of my best friend in first grade

 He named all his classmates...first and last names.

Not suprisingly when he dials a number he hardly ever has to look it up. He has an incredible memory.

I still haven't been able to memorize my daughter's cell phone number, and she's had it two years!

We then started to talk about the early days of our marriage.

Me: "Hey remember when we first got married we would go to the laundromat together?"

Hubby: "Yep, it was called Palace"

Me:  Do you remember the little Chinese restaurant we would go to?"        

Hubby: "Yep, it was Ching hoi's"

Me: Do you remember the first meal I made for you?

Hubby:  "Yes, It was baked chicken"

Me: Hey do you remember how we said and agreed that when one of us cooked then the other would clean up?"

Hubby looks at the dirty dinner dishes.

Hubby: Nope, don't remember that at all.

          Drats...selective recall....That damn Y chromosome strikes again!


  1. It is romantic that he remembers all the things you did together!

  2. My husband has no memory, short or longterm.
    Thank you for the lovely smile

  3. Ain't selective memory great!?

  4. Selective recall, I have that too. LOL

  5. Ha ha ha!!!! That's delightful.

  6. HAHAHA!!! Yer killin' me! Thanks for the laugh. And I really am laughing right now...

  7. Next time he asks you something, have selective hearing!! Haha! I love this post. It made me laugh.

  8. Ha,ha! Selective memory! My husband has that. But he also says he doesn't remember very much at all about his childhood which I find really strange. I remember most everything.

  9. You made me smile with this one. I loved it. He truly does have selective memory.

  10. @ Ginny~ Awww yes I didn't think of it that way... Thanks!

    @ Mynx~ You are welcome!

    @ Ma~ Yeah it is.....for them!!! LOL

    @ Beth~LOL!

    @ Mindy~ Glad you enjoyed it!

    @ Deborah Ann~ I'm glad this made you smile!

    @ Maeve Frazier~ Good advice!!!

    @ Barb~Well as long as he remembers here and now its Ok!

    @ Retired English Teacher~Yes he does and sometimes its very frustrating, But he's cute so I think I'll keep'em! ;O)


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