Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember and Pray



Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Being a New Yorker it is very easy to go back to that day.

It's very easy to feel the same churning in our stomach and the deep deep despair that come along with remembering that day.

I was working in a school. almost everyone knew of a family member or friend that worked either in the towers or as a fire fighter. I remember thinking...the kids have a few more hours to be innocent of all this ...just a few hours until they find out what hate and evil can do. Some had just a few hours before they found out that their parent was killed.

 I ached for all those that would never go home again.

In the time that seem to blur from hours to infinite days and weeks I was tormented by the images and I wondered about last phone calls, last thoughts, last prayers.

So today we remember and shed tears for those who were the victims of hatred.

I will pray for Wives left alone to raise children without a Dad.
I will pray for Husbands who were left alone to raise children without a Mom
I will pray for parents who lost their children
I will pray for Children who lost a parent

  I will pray that this never ever happens again

               I will pray for our world

                                Please God help us all to see your light.



  1. Beautiful post, Joanne.


  2. I will pray with you Jo! God Bless You!


  3. I will pray too. I cant even imagine what it was like for someone who lost a family member or even a friend.

  4. Were you living in New York at the time? Did they close the schools early? It hardly seems like ten years already, it is still so fresh still in my mind...

  5. beautifully written account of that day. my prayers go out with yours

  6. I would hope something like this would never happen again, but as long as there is evil in this world I'm sure that more bad things will come, maybe not on this magnitude, but the evildoers are out there.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I didn't know anyone who was affected by the horror of that day but I still remember all those who lost their life just by going to work.......

  8. @ Claudia~ Thank You

    @ Beth~ Thank you Beth

    @ Ramona~ I belive in the power of prayer and our world needs it! so thank you.

    @ Ginny~ I was not in the city ( my mother and brothers were) I was living just outside the city and working in a school. There were so many families who were affected and I remember at least two children that lost parents. many others lost uncles aunts and other relatives. I don't remember if school was let out early that part is literally a blur to me. All I remember was the horrible ride home as fire truck after fire truck raced to the city. The sirens were never ending. I remember the radio blaring and people crying in their cars. I went home and held my then 3 year old daughter and 7 week old baby. I remember I only had the dvd going because I didn''t want my daughter to see the news.

    @ You are sweet thank you

    @ Becca~ Thanks Becca this world needs all our prayers

    @ Arlee Bird~ Yes, I agree, that is all the more reason for us to pray

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~ Yes Jo-Anne The fact that they were all such innocent people just at work still breaks my heart.

  9. Beautiful tribute Joanne. Such a sad day indeed. There are no words, yet, you found some.

  10. Wow--how incredible and terrible to know that some of those kids' lives were changed forever and they didn't yet know it. I'm so sorry.


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