Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Bugged Eyed Buddy

This morning when  bringing in the garbage cans this is what greeted us when we opened the gate....a Praying Mantis.  I am very scared of big bugs so naturally instead of staying clear... I get the camera to take pictures! I haven't seen one for a few years now and wonder what this guy was doing hanging out on the fence instead of protecting my veggie garden from pests!

 Here he's just hanging out wearing what to me look like sunglasses, But really those are his buggy eyes...and they kept looking at ME!

Now he is praying that I move away and stop taking pictures of him!
 That blue behind the door is not a pool
 it's just the top of my husband's white car and his windshield...Darn it!

Here you can tell I'm a bit nervous...
first I call him a "Little" praying mantis  then
as I get closer I say he's really really big!

He stayed there all day. Later on I realized that I pushed my luck a bit too much. I came out after dinner to see my praying mantis was still there. As I tried getting a night shot....in my peripheral vision I could see a huge spider lowering itself on a strong piece of web. If I had moved just a bit to the right it would have settled on my shoulder! and that's when EMS would have been called!


  1. Aaaahhh! I would have died! Though he is pretty cool! I did the same thing when a huge wolf spider was in my basement. I kept taking pictures.

  2. Dont mind Praying Mantis. The boys love them and have even worn them inside on thier shirts

  3. Me no likey big bugs! I could never live in the tropics for this reason. We've been getting big spiders in the house lately..ugh.

  4. It is an old wives tale that seeing a praying mantis will bring you luck. That sure was a big one. Great video.

  5. eeek! yuck! When I was a teenager I was sitting with some friends in the park and I felt something in my hair. I reached back it was a giant ( a mutant) stick bug ( praying mantis)!!!

  6. I would have screamed. SCREAMED. I'm impressed you even got close enough to take photos and video!

  7. You sure those weren't foster grants he was wearing?

  8. I haven't seen many of these in my lifetime, but it is pretty cool when you do run across one.

    Tossing It Out

  9. hehe your freaking cracking me up, I love how your voice got all high pitched! Cole had one in his classroom, I was like yuck he thought it was so cool ... lol

  10. @ Ramona ~ LOL! I'm trying to beat some of my fears.

    @ Mynx~ I haven't seen one of these in years...your boys are very brave!

    @ Ma~ You are so right about the spiders! This time of year I find they come in the house and some of them are very scary looking!!

    @ Beth~ OOOO I hope so! could I maybe win the lottery? maybe I should start off by PLAYING the lottery? LOL!

    @ Gifts By Katherine~ OH MY GOSH! That is a nightmare!!!!!

    @ Liz~ believe me if that bug would have moved just a bit, I would have screamed...LOUDLY!!!LOL!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ LOL! Maybe they were...this bug looked like a diva!

    @ Becca~ You are braver than I Becca! :O)

    @ Arlee Bird~ This is only the third one I have ever seen. It's pretty freaky how they twist there head to get a better look...YUCK!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Yep I was scared! LOL little boys and bugs go together like PBand J. It's sweet to see.


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