Thursday, June 16, 2011

T.V. Dad Quiz

It's quiz time! Think you know your T.V. Dads? Here are ten well known TV Dads see if you can name them. You can use their tv or real names. Can you name the shows as well? Which one is your favorite? and one more question...which one is most like your own Husband, Father, or if you are a Dad which TV Dad  is most like you? Come back tomorrow for the answers.

# 1










Hope you had fun. See ya tomorrow! Blessings, Joanne


  1. Archie Bunker
    Andy Griffith (didn't watch this show much)
    Mike Brady
    Heathcliff Huxtable
    don't know
    Charles Ingallas -my favorite!
    Something Cunningham
    Dick Van Dyke

    My hubby is most like Charles ..sigh:)

  2. 1. Archie Bunker
    2. Andy Griffith
    3. Mr. Brady (can't remember 1st name)
    4. Bill Cosby
    5. Mr. Muenster (?)
    6. Mr. Ingalls
    7. Happy Days dad (Tom Bosley?)
    8. Dick Van Dyke
    9. Homer Simpson
    10. Desi Arnez?

    My husband is so much like Homer Simpson it's downright scary!

    Thanks for the memories...

  3. Fun! Archie Bunker, Andy Taylor, the third one I don't have a clue. Cliff Huxtable, Herman Munster, Michael Landon, The Happy Days dad, Dick Van Dyke, Homer Simpson, Ricky Ricardo. DANG, almost perfect except for number three!!!! Phil is the most like Andy Taylor, laid back and everyone likes him.

  4. k I dont know them all buut... 2. Andy Griffith Show 4. Bill Cosby show 5.Frankenstein 6. Little house on the prairie? 8. Dick Van Dyke show (loove this one) 9. simpsons Thats all I got. :)

  5. I think I know them all. #9 is my favorite. I always thought my dad kind of looked like #2.

  6. This was really fun, Joanne. You covered many of my favorites. I always wanted "Pa" Ingles as my dad and had a crush on Alan Ladd. (I guess that would've made for a Freudian relationship.) I'm not sure of the last one. Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy? I'll come back to check on the answers.
    Be well.

  7. I think #10 is the only one I couldn't figure out... =) That was fun.

  8. 1. Archie Bunker
    2. Andy Griffith
    3. Mike Brady
    4. Heathcliff Huxtable
    5. Herman Muenster
    6. Charles Ingalls
    7. Howard Cunningham
    8. Dick Van Dyke
    9. Homer Simpson
    10. Ricky Ricardo

    My hubby would be like Archie Bunker consistly complaining

    Everyday Life

  9. I guess I'd be like Dick Van Dyke.


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