Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flipping the Bird Will get You 6 Days in Jail

Didn't know what to write about today...I was BLANK


 I sat to watch the Casey Anthony Trial

No I'm not going to write about Casey Anthony specifically. I'm sure that you all know what is going on....If she is found Guilty or not it will never bring back that innocent little baby...I wish it could.

I'm going to write about the young man in the audience who was caught flipping the prosecutor the bird.
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What the....?

The Judge in turn brought him up and asked him if he knew about the rules about making rude gestures in court; he said he did. He asked if he saw the signs that were posted that warned people under penalty of law to NOT make any facial or rude gestures. The young man said yes. The judge then asked if the young man heard the Bailiff repeat the rules before the beginning of court..the young man said he did. The Judge then told him that his little antics if seen by the jury could have wrecked all the hard work of  both the State and the Defense Attorneys .
 The young man then said he was sorry.

I guess he was thinking that the judge would say "That's OK...I hope you learned your lesson".


The Judge sentenced him to 6 days  in jail and a $400. fine.


Did he kill anyone? No. But this is my take. I congratulate the Judge, I like his style. ..and as idiotic and just plain stupid as his behavior was I kind of feel for this kid because  he stood up there and looked like a scared little rabbit....a scared bird flipping rabbit.
He said, "I don't know why I did it."...of course he did! He thought he could get away with it. whether he was in a shocked daze that he got caught or caught off guard, or scared to death;  He owned up to it. I mean how could he not? They have a video of the guy! It's being broadcast LIVE!   It was a dumb dumb move.... and I know he is probably hitting his head against his jail cell wall right now.  When the shock wears off he might very well become famous and decide that it was all worth it. That's what we do right?... make stupid behavior into must see, must have, must repeat?

Now lets see if that young woman that's on trial will also pay the piper. She has blamed everyone else and it seems that everyone else has been put on trial except for her. I wish she would have just owned up to what really happened to her baby. Will Justice be served?  What do you think will happen?


  1. I think the judge did the right thing, the young man had no respect, and needs to learn that court and judges need respect. I think the mom is a sociopath, unable to feel guilt or sorrow. Did you see her hard blank stare while her father cried? The pundits are saying she will not be out to death, Geraldo said that playing the abuse card will throw the jury into indecision. I truly believe she is incapable of feeling compassion or sympathy for anyone other than herself, and should be put far away from the public in jail.

  2. I saw this too and I applaud Judge Belvin Perry. I have been watching the trial since the beginning and I couldn't help but compare this judge to the one presiding over the OJ case who I thought was a ninny. :-)

  3. I can't believe the young man had the audacity to do that! Anyway, this trial has taken so many different turns, but only Casey know what happened and unfortunately she won't own up and tell the truth. How sad, I can't wait till it's over.

  4. I'm glad the judge followed through, but I wonder if he was tempted not to, and I also wonder why people get punished for these sorts of dumb things, yet other people get away with nasty stuff for dumb reasons.

  5. I'm not following the trial. I think it is quite a tragic situation. The whole family seems like a big mess.

  6. Good on the judge stupid kids who do stupid disrespectful things like this need to be taught a lesson, yes I am a cold heartless bitch who has no symphathy for idiots like this, ok maybe I do have a little symphathy but not much.......I do hope Casey gets what she deserves for her and those like her I truely have no symphathy......

  7. i think the judge was right to follow through makes me hope he will make the right decision in the finl ruling in this case

    Everyday Life

  8. @ Ginny~ You said it Sista!

    @ Beth~ yep I am definitely a Judge Perry fan!

    @ Rosie~ I agree! BTW do you have a blog? It doesn't show up in "followers" icon pic. If you do I would love to read it!

    @ Michelle Teacress~ Good question. I wonder that too. I guess it has everything to do with the kind of lawyers and judge handling the case?

    @ Retired English Teacher~ They seem to be. but I think that also the media has alot to do with how we see the rest of the family. as for Casey well, she has to be insane...I can think of no other reason.

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~ You are voicing the same sentiments of most of the country. It's impossible to feel sympathy for Casey.

    @ Becca~ I agree...I mean if he is this hard on a moron like that kid imagine if Casey is found guilty!


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