Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And The Loser Award Goes To....ME


Every year usually during the last few weeks of school I send in Goodies for my Son's birthday. You see every kid that has a summer birthday celebrates it with their classmates in June.
Since its hot; I send those thick yummy Carvel ice cream flying saucers.

Teacher tells me to send in a treat on Thursday...(remember this) THURSDAY.

OK, so I go to Carvel around 1:30pm and drop off the snack at 2pm ( their snack time) in fourth grade it is very uncool for Moms to hang out in the classroom...just drop off and go that's the only option.
My son comes home from school at 3:20pm and I ask about the treats I dropped off.

I know what your thinking ...and the answer is no, they didn't forget to give it to the class. They did; right on schedule at 2pm.

My son says "they were delicious"  and that "everyone loved them" and like always he takes out his lunch bag and gives it to me to clean out. Can't have leftover PB&J there all weekend right?

OK, I know you are waiting for the whamo to this story, because if you have been reading this blog long enough you know there is always some kind of Whamo.

wait...it's coming

OK, Friday is a trip day for him. No need for back packs. The whole forth grade class went to the city to see a children's show and they all had a great time. I was one of the chaperones and came home exhausted but glad I shared that day with my son.

Saturday we celebrated an early Father's day with uncles and Grandpa and it was a wonderful day filled with family laughs and love and great food! exhausted yet again.

Sunday we celebrated Father's day and it was awesome.

Monday morning the kids are dragging a bit, but that's the story every Monday. I make my son his lunch and hand him his lunch bag. His book bag is relatively empty. There is no homework or papers being sent home lately since the school year is almost over. He opens his bag and gives me this look

He pulls out a plastic bag containing the leftover ice cream flying saucer sandwiches from his class B-day celebration on THURSDAY!!!! He's had melted ice cream in his back pack for three 1/2 days!

OK Loser Mom award goes to...........

          Wait, before I make my acceptance speech could one of you please tell me...why would anyone send melted ice cream that has been out for an hour and a half (snack time 2pm) (son off the bus and home by 3:20pm) back home in a school bag?

         My son didn't know it was packed in his bag. It was under his spare gym clothes.

         and why after years of ALWAYS checking his backpack would the one day that I didn't bring me this little surprise.

OK...I would like to thank my agent and all the people who voted for me...........


  1. Now that is a crazy story! You are not the loser here. Why would they send them home with him?
    That was just a dumb decision.

  2. I have to agree with Debby. I guess this is a great lesson in backpack checking.

  3. Quite funny, not at all where I thought it was going! But here's what I want to know. Did it leak? Was the back pack ruined? Gosh, maybe there are RULES that all leftovers HAVE to be sent back to the provider! And some people just will not break rules no matter what! But she should have at least told him they were in there!

  4. I have to laugh although I know it wasn't funny for you. Having raised a son I know that it doesn't take much for them to get into a situation.

  5. Oh girlie, but I bet it smelled sugary sweet :)

  6. I agree with every commenter before me. Son should have at least been made aware of the contents of his bag.
    I'm ashamed to say that I did laugh though. CM.

  7. omg that was to funny and seriously what was the teacher thinking sending home ice cream i think she deserves honorable mention for this one

  8. Yeah I am with Becca what on earth was the teacher thinking she should just have taken the left over home with herself the silly woman. Yes I did laugh at the thought of the melted ice cream did it smell much........lol

  9. @ Debby@Just Breathe~ Totally agree, but I still dumb for forgetting to look

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Yep...learned a HUGE lesson here. :O)

    @ Ginny~ Yes it leaked a bit but thank God it was still in the plastic and then a plastic bag.

    @ Beth~ You are so right about that! My son gets in some doozies!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ It didn't smell much at all...I would have thought it would have smelled sour , but no

    @ anthony stemke~Its quite alright I laugh all the time about the things that happen here..its either that or cry! :O)

    @ Becca~ Thanks. I'll gladly share my award with her! :O)

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~It didn't smell much...could it be all those preservatives?


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