Friday, June 17, 2011

Answers to Dad Quiz

Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz.

#1 Archie Bunker ( Carroll O'Connor) from All in the Family
Always said what was on his mind

                       #2 Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) from the Andy Griffith show
Down to earth lovable humble guy with a sense of humor

                         #3 Mike Brady ( Robert Reed) from the Brady Bunch
Always had some words of wisdom to share

                      #4 Heathcliff Huxtable ( Bill Cosby) From The Cosby Show
Lived to make life fun.

                         #5 Herman Munster ( Fred Gwynne)  From The Munsters
Lovable Oaf who was ditzy and a big kid

       #6 Charles Ingalls ( Michael Landon) from Little House on The Prairie
A man who was not afraid to cry. always tried to do what was right

                          #7 Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) From Happy Days
Was a sit-down "lets talk it out" kind of Dad

                    #8 Rob Petrie ( Dick Van Dyke) from The Dick Van Dyke Show
   Seem to be always the last to know

            #9 Homer Simpson (voice of  Dan Castellaneta) from The Simpsons

                              #10 Ricky Riccardo (Desi Arnaz) from I love Lucy
King of the Castle with peasants always on the edge of revolt!

Now lets see. My Husband is most like Andy Taylor with a bit of Bill Cosby and a dash of Charles Ingalls. He is sweet funny and tough; always tries to do the right thing. Now if he could put away the pile that is yet again Growing by leaps and bounds on his side of the bureau then things would be peachy!!!!


  1. Joanne,

    Honestly had all but the last one.

    I thought about I Love Lucy but something just didn't hole true to it in that picture for me....

    Anyway 9 out of 10 isn't bad and if I had to say which one I can't. I would have to say a little of the good and the bad from all of them.

    Also, when you get a chance you need to stop at the site and pic something up.

    Anything at Anytime

  2. Yes, I got them all except Mike Brady, and I never watched that show. The more I think about it, the more Phil seems just like your husband!

  3. I had most of them. I loved those old shows. Television is not the same anymore.


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