Monday, June 20, 2011

Putting Up The Hammock

Sunday Morning I got up super early and went to the market to get fresh strawberries and blueberries. I came back and the kids and I made a awesome breakfast for the man of the hour...Dad.
 I went out to the garden and picked a few flowers and put them in a tiny vase in the middle of the table. We had blueberry pancakes and eggs and bacon. we had strawberries and juice and muffins and coffee...yum! We were stuffed!

The kids gave their Dad their Father's day cards and so did I...then it was time to give Hubby his Father's day gift.

And yes it was still in the car. There stood hubby in the driveway in his slippers and shorts with his eyes closed (that directive came from the kids).

I opened the trunk and TA DAAAAAAA!

He was very happy

He immediately took the huge box into the back yard to put the hammock frame together. The frames is long but it didn't look as gigantic as I thought it would look.

Once it was set up which took no time at all....

                                          he decided to try it out. Hubby lowered himself onto the hammock....and swoosha blam! landed on the ground on the opposite side. Hmmm not so easy.

OK, maybe the tension on the hammock was too tight

Take two

We take the hooks down a few links. Yep this ought to do the trick. He sets his cute little butt on the hammock, lifts his legs to get comfy on the thing and  wooosha ka-thud  he disappears in a flash to the other side and onto the grass again! By this time the kids are hysterical.

Take three

We make some minor adjustments. 

He  c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y  sits down and extends his arms to hold onto the sides...tension fills the air...

AND... he makes it!!! He loves his Father's day gift and we all got a good laugh....however
I think the kids forgot that this was their Dad's gift 

My Kids enjoying their Father's day gift :O)

Hubby just looked on and smiled


  1. LOL!! I wondered how that would go. Looks like it was a big hit with the whole family.

  2. I think you will all enjoy it. I'm glad he liked his great gift.

  3. I love hammocks too! My grandchildren always made me swing. Loved watching the clouds sway back and forth. Well I guess I was swaying, not the clouds.

    Thanks for stopping by my husband's blog: Grits and Groceries and commenting on hummus. Yummy!

    I hope you like my new book too.

  4. This is funny except he could have been bruised up afterwards. Good that the kids enjoyed it

  5. What a cute picture, and a funny story! Thanks for showing us the hammock!! I'm so glad you finally got it adjusted right!

  6. That's a funny story, with a sweet photo at the end. I'm glad he loved it and learned just how to lay on it without a kerplatt!

  7. @ Beth~ Yes it was! It made me so happy to see him really love it!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Yes does look good in the yard

    @ kathy stemke~ Thanks I'll have to check it out

    @ Kim @ Stuff could~ Oh no if he had gotten hurt that would not have been funny at all. he landed on soft grass and he was laughing so hard it made us all laugh too!

    @ Ginny~ Yes! It's a cool addition to the back yard

    @ Yes he learned pretty quickly!

    @Becca~ Thanks!

  8. Oh lord I almost pee'd my pants! Poor thing finally get's it just right and is out voted for it!

    Now don't watch Big Brother and get any idea's about the hammock and you two love birds .. lol

  9. @ Alexis-yes it was funny. He kept laughing and making us laugh too...hardly anything ever goes smoothly here so we just go with the flow and try to have a laugh on the way!


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