Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~~~~Cool Shades

I love sunglasses. Ya have to protect thoses eyes right? Its hard finding that perfect pair.I have never found a pair that look really great on me. Well, there was that pair that had  palm trees on it, but I digress. Here are some fashions of sunglasses throughout the years. which are your favorite?

1920's                                                    Round Rims

                                                                Green tinted glasses

1940's                                  Tortoise shell glasses  


1950's  and 60's
                                                             Cat eyed and funky



                                                            Huge Face Framing Glasses


                                            All about the Wayfarers
                                                                         Risky Business

                                                                             Miami Vice


                                                 Retro sleek

                                                               Gaultier Sunglasses

2000's sunglasses style                                                   
                                                                  Seems like 70's and 80's retro





                                          Huge and futuristic looking

What style do you like? Did you wear any that are listed here? I myself love the wayfarers of the eighties, but the forties glasses are awesome!!!!   



  1. That second green pair looks really cool, I've never seen ones like that before! I don't ever wear sunglasses, because I crave all the light I can get. It's never bright enough for me!

  2. How fun would it be to wear those futuristic goofy glasses? I like the 40's style, but maybe I'm just being distracted by Cary!

  3. I liked the '40s the best. Round rims and green tint second.

  4. I'm stuck with the look of big sunglasses. I guess I like 2000 style.

  5. I think I like the whole lot, but the women's 2000's are a favorite because they make me laugh - great big bug eye lenses. :)

  6. Not a sunglasses person do like the look of the 40's style but generally when I wear them I wear whatever I can pinch from my

  7. I have to say that Don Johnson and Brad Pitt look the best in their glasses. :-) But for me, I like cat eyes. I do not buy expensive sunglasses though, as the minute I do, I lose or break them. I cannot be trusted with good sunglasses. :-(

  8. My glasses have photoray lenses so I don't own a pair of sunglasses. Fun pictures to look at.

  9. i like them all and i'm so thankful that my sunglasses are part of my glasses the tint when i go out in sunlight

  10. @ Ma~ Yes!!!!

    @ Ginny~ awww I love the was you see the world!

    @ Darlene~ I know! I had forgotten how handsome he was!

    @ anthony stemke~ Yes I like the forties style too!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Cool choice!

    @ Michelle Teacress~ LOL!

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~ LOL! I like your style!

    @ Melissa Ann Goodwin~ Me too! My husband on the other hand buys expensive sunglasses...and I hate them. they make him look like he's in the olympics or something!

    @ Beth~ Thats what I need...those are very cool.

    @ Becca~My Brother has a pair like that and I think they are very cool.


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