Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Baby is Ten

Somewhere in Heaven Ten Years Ago Today.

GOD: "Hey little Guy are you ready to go down to Earth and be born?"

Little Angel spoke up: "I'm scared but very excited!"

GOD: I've chosen a Good family for you. The Mom has been waiting all her life for a little boy like you.

Little angel: "Oh Good! Will I be loved there?"

GOD: Oh yes. You will run and play and love. You will get things that are called hugs and kisses and you will feel warm and laugh.

Little Angel: "It sounds great when can I go?"

GOD: "Right now if you'd like."

Angel: "OK, I'm ready!"

At 4:33pm July 16th 2001 my angel baby was born

My gift straight from heaven.

Today is my Baby Boy's tenth Birthday.

He is the sweetest kid I know.

He is kind.

He is funny.

He loves to play.

He hurts when he sees others hurting.

He loves God and tries always to do the right thing.

I am so thankful to be his Mom.

Happy Birthday My Son.
I love you with all my heart.

                                               Love, MOM


  1. A lovely birthday present to your son, this blog tribute!! He must be very special indeed! I hope he has a wonderful birthday! Tell him happy birthday from Ginny!

  2. Happy 10th to your boy! And might I add, he's a very lucky boy to have such an angel for a mother. You two are a perfect fit!

  3. This is lovely. Baby boys are so special. Mine are 17 and 14 and just wonderful. Smelly sometimes, hairy too but great

  4. My oldest son just turned ten last month.

    I hope you guys have a great day:)

  5. A lovely tribute to your heavenly blessing. :) They grow so fast! I'd recommend that you enjoy every moment, but it is clear that you already do. Happy birthday to your boy!

  6. @ Ginny~ Thanks Ginny! I will tell him!He's going to get a kick out of all the comments!

    @ Sandra~ Thanks, I will tell him! but do you you think it still counts if my halo is tarnished and bent a bit? ahh who am I kidding these wings are velcro'd on! I got alot of work ahead to reach angel status, but thanks for the vote of confidence! :O)

    @ Mynx~ They are special aren't they! My kid's not hairy yet and his voice is still the same but he comes in sometimes smellin like our pup!

    @ Ma~ Oh wow! wish we lived closer maybe they could of been pals!

    @ Lisa Ricard Claro~ Awww thank you so much! They do grow up too fast for me!

  7. omg how sweet loved this and happy birthday to the little guy

  8. What a very touching and inspiring post honoring your son.

  9. Happy birthday greetings to your buy on his imminent completion of one decade.
    Spend as much time with him as you can, for soon enough he will be full-grown.
    God bless you all.

  10. A beautiful tribute for your son Jo. I hope he had a wonderful day!

  11. What a lovely story that happened 10 years ago

  12. @ Becca~ Thank You! he had an awesome day!

    @ LV~ Thank you!

    @ Anthony Stemke~Thank you!

    @ Beth~ Thank you! yes, he had a great day!

    @ Kim @ Stuff could~Thank You! I showed him the post and he gave me a hug!

  13. How sweet this is he is lucky to have such a great mother like you...........or are you the lucky one to have such a wonderful loving son.............ok I know you are both lucky to have each other.

  14. Happy birthday to your angel. What a sweet post.

  15. Cute post. Happy Birthday to your son. :O)

  16. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son! They grow up so very fast. i know you treasure each moment with him.

    God Bless!


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