Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is For~~~LOST


   I get lost alot. There is nothing worse than driving your car, low on gas, at night and not knowing where the heck you are. This story takes place well before personal GPS and gasp we weren't even thinking cell phones.  My Hubby then boyfriend was On leave from the Army and we had to take separate cars to a get-together.  No problem; I had inherited my Dad's ginormous LTD ford and it was in good running shape so off I went; I followed my hubby/boyfriend in his car.

Fact #1--I was relatively a new driver. Living in the city I didn't drive much at all.
Fact#2--It was night time
Fact#3--I have less than adequate night vision....OK horrible

Before we got into our cars I asked Hubby to not speed because unlike his sporty car I was driving a boat.
We started off well. I stayed close enough to follow but not dangerously close. Then he started to pick up speed. He changed into this lane and that lane. I kept a close eye though, and when he took that exit off the expressway I was right there with him. He sped.
                                 I yelled.

                                      I mean why the heck was he driving so fast? We had talked about it and he said that he was going to stay close. He changed more lanes, but I was GOOOOOD. I kept my eye on his car (which by the way was not easy because it was night time) He drove faster.

                        "What the H--E double hockey sticks is wrong with him! Is he trying to lose me? Is this some kind of sick way of breaking up with me?" I was yelling louder.  "WHAT ARE YOU FREAKIN' DOING!!!??? ( only I didn't say freakin')

Finally I caught up with him and I was right behind his little red car. I looked at the license plate and it had numbers like every other license plate ...oh and it had one more thing...the letters M.D. on it.

                     Hubby was NOT a doctor. I was stalking and cursing at the wrong car. I was..... LOST! 

So you ask what happened? I was lost for about an hour. I must have asked half a dozen gas station attendants for directions. I finally got to my correct destination and Hubby/boyfriend's family and friends got a good chuckle out of the whole ordeal. It was pretty funny, but I do look back and I wonder if there is some doctor out there re-telling the story of the night he had to out-race some crazy stalker chick.


  1. I get lost a lot, too. I call it taking the "scenic route"

  2. My husband does the same thing to me every time we have to drive separately. I give him long lectures before those trips: don't speed, don't through the light, etc. He usually doesn't listen! Stinker.

  3. Great story. When we were moving out east, husband was driving a truck, and I was following in our car with 2 dogs. We stopped at a gas station. I waited for him to finish gassing up. While I was waiting, I was sorting through receipts. I looked up. He was gone. I freaked out. I had no idea where we were and he had been repeatedly telling me that the next part of the journey would be tricky.

    I speeded up on the turnpike, looking everywhere for a truck that looked like the one we were renting. This went on and on. He was doing the same thing, only now he had exited and turned back to go the other way. We didn't have cell phones. We had walkie talkies, but he was too far ahead of me for them to work. In the end, I pulled off the road, thinking what the hell am I going to do? I finally got a hold him on a pay phone. (I guess he had the one cell phone) What a reunion that was!


  4. Oh, too funny!!!! I kind of suspected something was very wrong about half way through, when he just kept going faster!! Our lost experiences have been hair raising, involoving a porn shop, drug addicts, and Harleys. If you would like to read my post on it, here's the link:

  5. I stalked you from Grammy's blog. (Well, not exactly a stalk, but after reading your post, that's the word that first came to mind!) This was a funny post. I, too, am directionally challenged. Before my husband and I were married, back when gas was less than a quarter a gallon, he liked to amuse himself by driving to God-knows-where and letting me direct him back home again. It sometimes led to him having to remind me that he DID have to go to work the next day, but it was usually an entertaining way to spend an evening. I don't have to worry about getting lost anymore though. Got my amateur radio license years ago, and friendly directions are always readily available if I need them.

  6. thats a cute story; almost everyone has a similar story about losing the vehicle they are following.
    thank you for visiting gritsandgroceries.

  7. @ Ma~ LOL well I take the scenic route at least once a week!!! :o)

    @ Lena~ MEN UGH!!!!

    @ Claudia~Oh no! I think I would have just cried!

    @ Ginny~LOL I read your post and I left a comment...all I can say is that I was in tears with laughter!!!!

    @ Susan Flett Swiderski~ Oh that sounds like fun...and romantic!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Thank You!

    @ Beth~ I know...Thank God I'm not the only one!

  8. Ahhhh, forgive me for laughin', but that was hilarious~!! were surely lucky in lots of ways, huh?...Intriguing post..thanks for sharing us a great L....


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