Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday's Question~~B is for BUSYBODIES

 I am doing the A to Z Challenge (click button to the right for info) And today's letter is B. I have chosen to write about Busybodies. These guys are everywhere. They are the ones who seem to keep vigil all night  like some nosy vampire mentally recording all the mundane events. They then spend their days organizing and telling their discoveries to anyone who will listen. They are Neighborhood and workplace Busybodies.  So my question to you is which one of these Busybodies are you exposed to?

                  The Curtain Peeker


This person has their chair, drink and dinner on a folding table near the window for fear of missing anything juicy that might happen outside.

But on the flip side they will also look after your house when you are on vacation.

  The Medicine Cabinet Snoop


These people absolutely positively need to know if you are suffering from hemorrhoids or athlete's foot

     The Backyard Fence Spy


Sunbathing? Not in front of Mr. MC Nosy!

The Double Agent Tattle Tale

How to Get Along With Nosy Co-Workersthumbnail

This person will will find out info and feel it's their duty to let the boss know...And then come back and complain about the boss to others. They need to be the center of attention at all times.                                                 

The office Scandal Finding Team

Office Gossip

This dynamic duo work together to get the scoop on office romances and know before anyone who is getting fired. Oh By the way they also talk about each other!

So which one is it? And if you have all of them....well,  prayers are on their way!!!!


  1. Isn't that first picture Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor on Bewitched?? I remember how she would see something out the window and yell for her husband Abner! Well, thankfully I think I have none of these busybodies!! But I do like to keep an eye to the window from time to time, and that's O.K. as long as I don't gossip!! The best thing I like to snoop on is the birds, we are birdwatchers.

  2. You are good!Ha ha Yes that is Mrs. Kravitz! I think there were two. remember? and of course who could forget the two Darrens. I'm glad you don't have any of the BB listed. I have one but he's harmless.

  3. hilarious post. can't figure out why people go out of their way to snoop into other peoples business, there should be a rehab for busybodies.that should be an interesting reality show to watch.

  4. Great B word!

    I live in London, and I must be honest: people generally keep out of each others' business! No busybodies here!

  5. I don't have any of these busybodies here. Mind you, I did in my old home town.
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  6. the backyard spy my neighbor is alway getting in my busy as to hpw i allow my child to play outside or what my brothers are building or doing. but i have encounter all of these busy buddies at some point.

  7. Count me as another lucky one who has no busybodies to face! I do have a couple in one of my novels, though.

  8. A great post! Loved reminiscing about Mrs. Kravitz, who could forget that face! :-) I don't have any busybodies at home, unless you count the cats who are always busy running from lap to lap to get the most attention from everyone! We do have a busybody at work though, and what a meddlesome creature she is, stirring up so much gossip and conflict, sadly she often finds herself shut out by everyone because we are on to her busybody ways.
    ~Josie Two Shoes~
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  9. Hah, Gladys Kravitz!

    I used to watch Bewitched as a kid (on nick at night) and she'd make my so aggravated! I just wanted her to go away!

    Well done on this B word! :)

  10. I knew a curtain peeker once. It was a shocking discovery!

    I'm visiting via the A-Z hop. Nice to meet you. I'm stop #881 on the list. :)

  11. Great post, I think everyone has been a busy body at least once in their lifetime. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.


  12. We used to live next door to a busy body. She was constantly looking in our windows from her house. We would just wave overtime we say her. She would then quickly disappear from the window.

  13. @ fantasy queen~ I'd watch that show!

    @ Talli Roland~ You are soooo lucky!

    @ Beth~Thanks for the tip about the music!

    @ Becca~Oh that nieghbor sounds like a real pain! and the fact they they comment on your parenting rude and nervy!

    @ Erin Hartshorn~ Good for you. I say better read about busybodies than be a victim of them!

    @ Josie~Too bad that lady doesn't realize that she is just alienating herself

    @ Matt Conlon~ Thanks, Bewitched was one of my favorites, even though I think I did see the re runs (please God) I didn't see it on nick at night...I am feeling old!!

    @ Michelle Teacress~ Oh those curtain peekers are annoying! I'll make sure to visit your blog!

    @ terri.forehand~ I guess you are right about that!

    @ Retired English Teacher~That is the perfect way to handle someone like that...just a simple wave says "I see ya you Busybody!" Priceless!

  14. Busybodies probably don't have an exciting enough life of their own.
    What's great fun is to set up one of these characters on a spree that is totally made up. Once they find out they have been had, they leave you alone!


  15. Oh, you have these in your neighbourhood, too, huh? ;-p

    Loved this post - I've had a good giggle! I can identify culprits to fit all the categories you mention!

    Aside from the irritation they create, you have to feel sorry for people like this - they must have deficiencies in their own lives that cause them to live vicariously through the lives of others!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  16. Ahhhh, yes~! The backyard/backfence spy~!! Have a neighbor that NEVER ventures out until we add something to the yard, and she snoops around through the yard peeping
    Great "B" post...Will visit for "C"..Happy weekend...

  17. Fellow A-Zer here... GREAT post! Wow, can't believe how many of these I have in my life, thanks for the giggles!

  18. Too funny! I laughed, this is a great "B" posting! :)

  19. thank you for your comment! I love this post its hilarious, you got me as a follower ;). I have a busybody in my neighborhood. She doesn't quite fit any of those sections. She walks around the neighborhood talking to everyone, and spreading the news. When you see her, get inside your house fast, because she will want to know everything!!

  20. ARGH! Busybodies exhausted me ;)

  21. @ Sig Wynne-Evans~ OOOOOOgreat idea!

    @ Sue H~ Good point. I'm glad you liked the post.

    @ Margaret Hall~ Oh yeah..I've got those too!

    @ Lynn~ It's amazing isn't it?

    @ Snakesmom~ Thank you

    @ Ramona~ sheeze! she sounds like a pain

    @ Trisha~ I know and sometimes they cause alot of havoc in people's lives

  22. I worked in a plastic surgery clinic with mostly woman. YUP we had them all! UGH


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