Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for~~~ VOILA!!!!

When things go wrong just say VOILA and people will think you've got the "in" to something special

 Example: A few years ago I went to a new hair dresser. I told her I wanted a uneven bob (longer in the front shorter in the back) I guess she heard the opposite and she gave me a hair styled from the 80's (A MULLET!!!)  The hair dresser turned me around and gave me a hand mirror all the while Singing VOILA!!! I wasn't upset until I saw myself at home.

So If you are getting married and think the girls won't like their bridesmaid's dresses....bring out that lime green monstrosity and say VOILA!!! They might be convinced long enough to pay and take the dress home before complaining.

Unveiling a new outfit you want your 80's-acid wash jeans-concert t's -wearing hubby to like? just say VOILA!!! and he won't make such a fuss.

The dinner looks like crap?  Put it on your best china and you got it... say VOILA!!!! and people will think  it's some awesome new trend in dining. Yes the pasta is supposed to be crunchy and black.

Unveiling your new business venture of necklaces made from whole soda cans? Just say VOILA and you'll sell out within minutes!

Now VOILA!!! This is the best post ever RIGHT?!!...right?.....ahem.....right


  1. Well, I'm doing something that takes an indredible amount of self-control tonight, I'm sleeping till noon, VOILA!!! You can hold your applause!!

  2. VIOLA! This was a great, fun post! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. :)

  3. I am smiling big time! Great post.

  4. Ha ha!! Had me cracking up. Just wish you had a picture of that haircut! ;-)

  5. On Best China ... hehe Viola.

    I want a viola for the house cleaning. Have you found the house elf yet? lol

  6. Voila! What a great word.


  7. A very original and funny post, luckily I'm going bald, you want to tell you ... VOILA ...

  8. Sooo funny. I will try that for tonight's thrown together dinner. I will use that word tomorrow when I baby sit.

  9. French makes everything sounds so much better!
    Say anything remotely sounding French (eg. La Poo), and VOILA!

  10. Oh, no! It's MULLET MADNESS!! Aaarrrgh! I, too, sported a mullet in the '80s. Thankfully, not for very long. I came to my senses after only a month. LOL


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