Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for ~~~KICKIN' up your heels...Fifties Style

       Wednesday is when I post about fashion, but today I wanted to post a bit more than just pictures. Here is a video that has a cool song and shows us how kids danced and dressed in the fifties. I for one would have loved it because then I could wear those cool wide skirts with all the crinoline underneath. The crinoline was key. My Mom would tell me me that there was a certain way that you had to wash them and also in order to get the proper fullness of the skirt; you had to wear more than one.  When she danced the crinoline and skirt would sway and look pretty whenever her date twirled her. Now it's time to start the video, push out your chair from the computer and stand up and snap your fingers and dance! Hope you have a fun day! Blessings, Joanne.



  1. And as easy as those steps look, the boogie can be the devil to get right. (personal experience)


  2. OMG -- My Mother-in-Law LOVES to dance to this stuff.

    I just don't have the breath to dance with her anymore :( but does bring some good memories of us dancing together.

    People couldn't believe we were Mother/Son -in-Law. It was "ROCKIN"!

    Anything at Anytime

    P.S. if you stop in to read today -- make sure you have time - it is a LLLOOONNNNGGGG Post.

  3. Been there, lived that, lovely memories. It was a requirement to have at least half a dozen crinolines under your skirt, which of course, had poodles printed on it, thus called the poodle skirt. The 50s were the best years of my life.

  4. i love the fifties for music and dance style guess it's because my mom introduce me to it as a child

  5. They just don't dance like they used to, anymore. I think it would have been a blast to go to a '50s dance in a crinoline skirt! :)

  6. Fun! It brings back memories of when I was a young girl.

  7. I wore the crinolines!!! But I was ten years old, and only for dressy occasions. I remember the poodle skirts, too, and watched American Bandstand. Those were such wonderful innocent times. Happy Days. By the time I got to be a teen, it was the 60's and I was wearing bell bottoms and tie dye. I don't think I've ever heard this song!

  8. I also wore the crinolines, but I must share my experience with them. They weren't all they are cracked up to be. Yes, they were fun. Yes, they were stylish. Yes, they were all the fad. They also could be cumbersome and hard to sit in at school. Why did we wear them to school? That is a good question. I guess we wanted to be stylish and fit in. They also were very scratchy. That would be because we starched them in sugar water. Fun times.

  9. Joanne, thanks for your comments on my blog. Many have missed the message of the last line all together. Yes, faith does bloom in my heart. God bless.

  10. @ Misha~ Oh I think I would end up in traction if I even attempted this dance!LOL

    @ DanWins~ How awesome to have those memories with your MIL!

    @ Beth~half a dozen~ Wow! I wonder why the poodle though? Do you know?

    @ Becca~ I grew up with that music too. Love it.

    @ Donea Lee~ I agree!

    @ Barb~ I am so glad you enjoyed it! :o)

    @ Ginny~ I think they should bring this style back!

    @ Retired English Teacher ~ Oooo that does sound scratchy! I can't imagine sitting at a desk with that on, but oh how I would love to dance in one just once!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ You are welcomed. Your post was so beautifully poetic and sad, but yet there was Hope.

  11. Oh, yeah~!! Been there, done that~!! What memories..Ouch, those crinolines~!! What a disaster to work with and
    THANKS for a great smile!!


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