Tuesday, April 05, 2011

D is for .......ahhhh I'm Just Not Feeling it Today :o(

I'm just a bit Depressed.....

This morning I received my manuscript in the mail.
The form letter read that they liked my story but were not going to used it     


Saturday Night Live

 My son's science Fair project is due tomorrow and the printer refuses to work   



 I have to get my daughter up at 5:30am and drive her to school by 6:30am for her school trip


Girl in White Resting on a Sofa, by Alfred-Emile-Leopole Stevens

I haven't jogged in days and days 


It doesn't look like we are going to Disney world this year    



And there are no Ding Dongs  to soothe my Disney Lovin'  broken heart       



  1. I am so sorry Jo. Keep writing! You may be the next Beverly Barton or Janet Evanovich (two of my very favorites) and I will download your book to my Nook.
    P.S. I like Ding Dongs too but Twinkies are my favorite. ;-)

  2. Oh no. I know that feeling! Hang in there, my friend. Sorry about your story - but keep trying!


  3. I AM enjoying the pictures here, some are quite funny. But so sorry about the Disney Trip, I bet you were really looking forward to it! Jogging again will get those endorphins going, how about jogging to the nearest store to buy some Ding Dongs? Do you know how many famous writers got turned down again and again before they were published? Probably ONE person at that place read your book and made that dercision, keep trying.

  4. You know you can make your own Ding Dongs ... lol What I'm just saying :)

    I'm sorry about the manuscript, I'm they liked it there is someone out there that is going to love it! Drats on Disney and getting up early!

  5. @ Becca~ Thanks Becca you give the best cyber hugs!

    @ Ma~ s'ok Maybe I could wall paper one of my wals with the rejection letters!LOL

    @ Beth~Oh I forgot about twinkies!!! YUM

    @ Claudia~ Thanks, gotta keep going...it's the only way.

    @ Ginny~ you are too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

    @ Alexis~ Oooo I saw that this morning somewhere...I'm totally going to make my own Dong Dongs...for err..the kids that is. ;O)

  6. mmmmmm...Ding Dongs DO sounds good... ;-)

    Sorry about your disappointments.

  7. Hugs on the rejection and all the trials. I might suggest that the exercise could help your outlook -- but I well know how hard it is to overcome inertia.

  8. Sorry about the story...really! I am sure that disappointment was the rule for the day! And, let's just brew the danged coffee to go with the ding dongs~!!
    See you at "E"????


  9. Hopefully you have great DREAMS tonight to make up for all those disappointments! Chin up!

  10. okay, it looks like you need some Disney in your life. suggestions- 1. plan a Disney themed party (everyone must dress up as a disney character) 2. Disney movie marathon (find your favourite disney movies and have a whole day of watching them) 3. go out and buy an art of disney book. Read it and get that warm glowing feeling!

    ummm thats all I can think of for now. oh maybe watch old silly symphonies that you havent seen?

    Hopefully this helps! Maybe by tomorrow you will feel Energized and Excellent!! :)

  11. Well, darn. Disappoint seems to have descended upon you. Keep up your a, b, c's. I'm loving it.

  12. So sorry to hear about the "r" on your story - keep moving forward - but I know those form letters are the pits, right?
    Hugs, hope you found some ding-dongs to help ease the pain!


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