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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~ P and Q is for~ Peace and Quiet

        Yes, I am bending the rules a bit and combining two letters for the a to z challenge.

When was the last time you had peace and quiet?

                  Do you crave it?

                              It is as rare as hen's teeth?

Is it me or is everywhere extra noisy these days?

The first thing that comes to mind is Movies. Looking at older movies in comparison to current ones, the one thing that I find is that the background music seems to be at the same volume as the dialogue.

Commercials blare their message.

The bass from music inside cars have actually shaken the walls of my home as they drove past us!

Even the kids cartoons have evolved into a 30 minute scream and loud special effects blast.

When was the last time you experience PEACE and QUIET?

Was it at the lake?

Was it in your overstuffed chair reading a book?

Was it while you were quiet in prayer?

Was it while you checked on your baby late at night and could not take your eyes from their beautiful face?
                                                         Anne Geddes

Was it while you cuddled with your sweetheart?

Or a nice walk in the park?

For me it was the other day as My Mom ( walking with her trusty wheeled walker) and I walked in our local park. The only sound heard was the sounds of our steps and the walker wheels. She drank in the sight of the little butterflies that were fluttering around us and commented on how the trees are beginning to bloom. 
 It reminded me of the times when I was little and she would take me for walks in our local park.

 She would slow down so that my little feet could keep up with her strides

        Now, I slow down for her.


Peace and Quiet is truly a Blessing.

                             Here's hoping you have a bit of peace and quiet today.  



  1. Lovely post. I love the thought of your mother walking with you in the park.

  2. peace and quiet..I can never get enough

  3. Hi, each day for me begins with peace and quiet. I live alone, I eat alone, I sleep alone. However mostly I am not lonely. Two years ago, I was living with my sweet darlin' husband. Then he fell and broke a hip. He had dementia, diabetes, and was a gentle soul. He passed away just three months later. I am at peace with my situation, but I know that many people would not be in my case. I know where my darlin' is (in Heaven with our Savior) waiting for me to join him one day in the future. I love the description of you walkin' with your mama in the park. I use a walker when I have any distance to walk, but I am still active and drive where I need to go. Enjoy your mama and your family. BEst regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  4. I treasure my peace and quiet. I need to get out in nature more for P & Q because that is when I truly feel refreshed. Bless you for taking your mom out for a walk with her walker.

  5. peace and quiet is the one thing I never seem to have enough of

  6. Yes, it is a blessing,and the more time goes on,the less there is of it. I am so glad you are getting to spend meaningful and loving time with your mom.

  7. Yes, I CRAVE peace and quiet. I never seem to get enough :(

  8. Beautiful thoughts, Joanne. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  9. Aw, peace and quiet, the twofold blessing of being single and childless. I get -and need- it in regular doses. Sorry to brag. Of course, everything's a give-and-take. I don't have the blessings of a partner or kids, and it gets a little lonely sometimes. But I'll keep enjoying my p&q for those who can't.


  10. I love it when I wake early, before the rest of the family and I can just sit quietly on my fave couch and watch the sun rise through my window. That is my peace and quiet moment

  11. love the turn of you now walking your mom. I help my folks too, and indeed, the roles have reversed. Beautiful. For peace and quiet, there's nothing like a good nap. And time to write. That always soothes my soul.

  12. I so love peace and quiet. I don't have kids and have created a life where I get a good dose of it. Makes me very grateful. :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. What a sweet post Joanne. I love the pic of you and your mom! Yes, I agree; the world is a much nosier place now days. The commercials and background music about drive me crazy. Now that hubby and I are empty nester we get a lot of peace and quiet. In the day while hubby is at work I enjoy the quietness of my home. A bit of soft music now and then, but sometimes I just turn it off and enjoy the quiet.

  14. love it! Check my blog darling and maybe you wanna follow each other! XoXo


  15. OH man I ask for it all the time but sadly I haven't seen it in years. Heck my sleep time isn't always quiet or heck that peaceful. It usually includes a stealth 4 year ago sneaking in at 2am lifting up my covers and crawling in from the bottom. Some how I always loose my covers and my pillow!


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