Saturday, April 28, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~X is for~~~XOXO (KISSES and...Art)

It took forever, but I finally came up with something.

I thought of the letter "X"...Then I thought of how people sometimes sign cards XOXO ( kisses and hugs)

Whew! I thought I would never get something for the letter "X". Do you know why the x is the symbol for a kiss? because the letter x looks kind of like lips that are puckered for a kiss!

Natalie Irish is an artist that does not like to use the conventional brush to create her art...She "kisses" the canvas. Thats right, she makes paintings by putting lipstick or paint on her lips and kissing the canvas to make incredible art...Here are just a few samples.



                      Natalie at work
                                  uploaded by 

I am always amazed at how creative artists can be. She really puts herself into her work!

             Now this next video is a collection of movie kisses put together for a contest.
             It's called "Smooch" and it's really cute
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                      Andrea Bocelli singing Besame Mucho (Kiss Me... alot)
                             uploaded by  progresstr
Hmmmm...all this smoochin'  reminds me of my first kiss...uh uh I'm not telling!

Have a smoochie weekend!

                                            Blessings and XOXO, Joanne


  1. Just seeing the start of this post took me back to when my girls were little and they would write cards and letters to me and always signed them with xoxoxo

  2. Great post. The videos are very interesting.

  3. These are neat artwork...hope you have a great weekend too

  4. Great post for X. That kissing artist is amazing! I wonder how she ever came up with that idea?

  5. How fun is the post??? I love it. You are so creative, and you did your research. I have never heard of the woman who makes art work by kissing. I wonder if she gets chapped lips. LOL

    I always sign my notes, messages, texts, whatever, to my kids with an XO. I always have since they could just start to read the notes I left them.

  6. What a very interesting way that you developed this post. Loved the info on the kissing artist.
    I also never knew why we sing off with XO, now thanks to you I do.

    Stopping by from the to z challenge.


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