Thursday, April 05, 2012

A to Z Challenge 2012 ~~E is for Emergency Room...again

They love us there.

            I think that's why we go there so often...that has got to be the reason.

                      They rolled out the red carpet....

              Paparazzi were everywhere...'cause  we're famous.

They serve the finest foods.

       and the most exotic drinks.

The Bedroom suites are 4-star

                        Yes we' are famous there.

Just wish we didn't have to be there so often.

Last night my Mom complained of chest and stomach pains. The Doc advise quite wisely to get her to the E.R.  ASAP.

You see Heart Attack symptoms can be very very different in women

                              Symptoms like

Shortness of breath -may occur with or without chest discomfort.

Nausea and light-headedness

Flu-like symptoms, including chills and cold sweats

Heart Palpitations

Chest discomfort (angina): Pain, tightness or pressure in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or that goes away and comes back.

Discomfort in other areas, including pain or discomfort in: one or both arms ( especially the left arm), the back, between the shoulder blades, neck, Jaw or Stomach.

Heartburnor indigestion

Extreme fatigue

Prior to a heart attack women have felt...

Unusual fatigue

sleep disturbances
shortness of breath



These can all mean something is very very wrong. So if you feel any of these symptoms...better safe than sorry; go to the doctor or ER.

It was 3am before they let my mom go home after a battery of different tests. No evidence of a heart Attack, and no blood clots; so that means today it will be another follow-up with her regular doctor....

                  We're famous there too.......unfortunately


  1. That is one place you do not want to be famous (smile) and I am glad your mom was sent home for followup with her own doctor. The symptoms are so vague, most people get these symptoms from time to time, and thanks for listing them for us.

  2. hehe we are famous here at ours as well we don't even have to wait in line

  3. I'm glad she's okay. But how scary that the symptoms to a heart attack could mean so many other less harmful things and are so easily brushed off.

  4. YOu make me laugh, sounds just like uswith the emergency doctor we have. Alex (7yr) always manages to need a doctor out of hours so never gets to see our GP always ends up at emergency clinic. Sure they hold a special place just for us. Hope mum is feeling better now and that nothing serious?

  5. I get a lot of pain in my upper back near my shoulder and chest pains and lots of numb feelings in my arms and hands so what is wrong with me well I reckon I often have indigestion and the numbness no bloody idea but I am off to the GP on Tuesday to ask what he thinks........I do not like to go to the A & E can't be bothered hanging around for hours on end.......I would rather be at home

  6. Thanks for the reminder that symptoms are different for women. And super glad your mom is okay.
    Kate ~ Follow & Visiting A to Z:

  7. I think that your mom and I are related. I have had several emergency runs to the hospital the last few months. I am glad your mom's test checked out OK.

  8. Better to be safe than sorry! Good post about the different symptoms for women. So true. We need to be mindful.

  9. Phew....dodged another bullet. Thank goodness.

  10. I am so sorry!!! But when in doubt, it is always best to GO. And at least it was not her heart...but what is the diagnosis...I hope her doctor will know?

  11. You're a good daughter:) I hope she's feeling better.

  12. So glad your mom is is a scary thing.

  13. My visits to you are way to far apart and when I get to you I learn that I missed too much. I am glad your Mom is OK and hope she does a follow up. I am all too familiar with the heart problem. Your Passion art post is beautiful. Have a good Easter.


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