Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~ T is for ~~The Tiff

           Remember yesterday when I wrote about my anniversary? If you didn't read it click here- it's short.

OK, good you're was sweet right? is what happened right after I posted....

"Hon, come read my blog." I called out to the Hubster

"Not now." He replied

"Come see, you'll like it."

"I'm eating."

"I wrote it for you." I insist.

"I'm eating a sandwich and my coffee will get cold."

OK, I have to admit that all those warm and fuzzy feelings that I had while writing the stinkin' post are now flying out the window fast.

"Oh my gosh, just come read the post will ya?!" I'm miffed.


                        In comes Hubby ready to read it.

He reads this line " Today in Church I looked at him and I still see the same beautiful blue eyes,..."

"You didn't gaze at me in church" he states.

"I wrote the word "looked" not gazed!"

"Well, I don't remember you looking at me either" He starts to laugh. He's teasing, but I'm not laughing.

"Just read the rest of it!" and then I said "You Know what! FORGET IT! You are making fun and you don't deserve my post! I take it back!"

I click the computer and walk out of the room. The Hubster, finds my post and reads it.

He walks into the kitchen where I am reheating his coffee.

"You know, I read your post....I'm sorry I made fun.  I love you too."

"Yeah Yeah Yeah, here's your coffee" In wifey language means "Ditto".

                 I smile.

I look forward to our 50th when he'll say that my hair is an interesting shade of blue and I storm out calling him an old blind geezer. Five minutes later we will probably be laughing. 
                                            Now that's true love


  1. Oh this is funny. Brought back memories for me.

    I have no doubt in my mind that you both will be together for your 50th anniversary!

  2. Lol! This is so Terry and I...typical relationships. :-)

  3. Funny post. True love, for sure!

  4. Exactly right!!! You can say what you think to each other because you are that secure in your love!!!

  5. Funny, and is there blue hair in our futures?

  6. Men they are so frustrating at times but still we love them

  7. What a fun post. Happy Anniversary!

  8. They really don't deserve us.

  9. haha i love your honesty--i feel like i have to make my husband read my blogs all the time---so cute

  10. I've had this sort of conversation before! Best wishes to you both.


  11. Too funny! I guess you know when you can spat a little jokingly that things are still great. Happy Anniversary!

  12. awesome sweetness! cute cartoon and 50 is a great number to shoot for =)


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