Monday, April 09, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~H is for~~~sHort HAIR

     When I was a teenager I had long extremely curly hair.

My Mom had very old fashioned ideas about hair.

    Girls had to have long hair and Boys had Short hair.

                 and that was that.

I was sixteen  years old and one day I said " Mom, after school I am going to go have my hair trimmed."

         " OK Joanne." She said  "Make sure they don't cut off too much"

I had intended to just get it trimmed, but while I was there in the stylist's chair I began to think. I had wanted short hair for such a long time. My hair was always placed in a pony tail because it was the easiest thing to do with it. It was MY hair ...why shouldn't I get it cut the way I wanted it to be?

Up until then I had NEVER disobeyed...ever.

Before I knew it I was telling the stylist  " I want it short. Cut it all off"

She cut.

        I gulped

             My best friend who was with me at the time actually winced when she saw  the curls falling to the floor.

I got home and as my mother looked through the peep hole of the door I could hear her say.

           "Child of God what have you done?" When I walked in she asked me to turn around and when she saw that there was no length at all...well lets just say the walls shook with her scolding.

                "Wait 'til your father gets home!" The words that no kid wants to hear.

I nervously waited until I heard the front door open. My Mother ( still fuming) told my Dad all about my hair escapade.

He called me in the room.

I walked in.

He asked me to turn around so he could see the back of my hair.

I did.                       source
                   This is the exact cut I had!

Then he asked........"So, do you really like it this way?"

                    I nodded

                 " It looks cute. Just next time not so short OK?"

Mom rolled her eyes and threw up her hands.

I heard my Dad say to her "If this is the worst thing she does, lets count our blessings...It's her hair...would you rather it be pink?"

My Mom added " Well that might be next week!!!"

                No matter what I could always count on Dad to understand me.

and you know what? I never dyed it pink....a few year later it was a bright orange but that's another story.


  1. Great story. I love the acceptance your father gave you. He was so right. Give children choices over things that don't really matter, and they won't be so quick to make bad choices over thing that do matter.

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  3. I loved this story, and your dad! I agree with Sally. I always tried to give my kids choices when I could live with them. Sometimes it was a bit challenging, but in the end, it all worked out as it was supposed to. I always let them choose how they kept their bedrooms, what they wore, and how they wore their hair. They got better on the bedrooms, eventually (I kept the door shut a lot!) and so far, they've both helped friends do crazy things to their hair, but their own hair is pretty normal. So far! Ironically, they're also pretty conservative dressers!

  4. Aww, what a nice dad:)

    I'd like to hear the orange hair story:)

  5. My parents had the same ideas about hair. We were never allowed to get our hair cut. Usually my dad would trim it -crooked- in the garage. I still wear my hair fairly long but probably shorter than he would like. I think your dad handled yours better than my dad would've handled mine.

  6. The one thing about cutting hair short is that in time it will grow back and I agree with the wise words your dad said "If this is the worst thing she does, lets count our blessings"

  7. I think the haircut is cute. I first cut my hair short when I was in high school. I did it myself, how I managed that I don't know,lol

  8. I did the same thing. My mom reacted the same way.

  9. Hair will grow. I think your dad is great for respecting your choices

  10. I had my share of crazy hair cuts and colors, too. It's pretty boring now:)

  11. I had a short hair cut in high school's longer now. I and Crystal Gayle's hair WAS far beyond long lol.

  12. This post made me smile. My mom loved short hair and wouldn't you know it-- all of her daughters had long hair and have kept it more or less throughout our lives.

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  13. hehe I was laughing out loud love it!!! But that is a super cute cut!

    Orange ... hmmm sounds like the time I thought Sun-In would be the answer to lightening my hair .. lol

  14. I like the reaction of your Dad. My parents felt the same way but I never had the desire to cut mine. I'm glad because I know my parents would not have been so understanding.

  15. My mum always kept my hair short, and the curls created a red Afro. I hated it. But I've never been 'attached' to my hair and was surprised when I saw a lady get her long hair cut and then cried. I just figure it grows back. Love short hair if you've got the face for it :)

  16. This post made me smile! I'm kind of the opposite. I have long hair and everyone tells me it looked nice when I had it short but I've grown so attatched to it that I don't think I could dare!

    It's nice to meet you. I'm following you now :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  17. That's a lovely excerpt from your childhood!

    Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far:)
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  18. Love this story - kudos, brave one! And YAY for your Dad, for being reasonable and putting your feelings above societal stereotypes. Rock on!

    Some Dark Romantic


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