Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A to Z Challenge 2012~~~ C is for CAT Fear

     My best friend "Ann"  has a fear of just about every animal known to man.

 Even little birdies, puppies, and especially cats.

Our other friend "J"had two cats.

        One was named Sapporo and the other was named Cassandra.

Everytime we got together at "J's" house her cat Sapporo would cuddle and rub her face on my leg.

And to my friend "Ann" Sapporo would do......


With me Sapporo acted like this

With "Ann" she acted like this

        With Me

With  "Ann"

You get the picture. This cat smelled fear and knew just what to do to illicit more.

Needless to say "Ann" was scared to death and tried to avoid Sapporo whenever she could, but lurking in the shadows Sapporo would jump out to terrorize Ann and I swear sometimes I could hear the cat's maniacal laugh.... I have to admit  there were times  when I saw Sapporo flying through the air like a Tomahawk missile.....I well......giggled too.

Both cats lived to the ages of 21 and 22
 when the cat passed away...(Though sad for our friend "J" ) Ann felt a a teeny tiny bit relieved.

The terror was over.

Peace had returned to the kingdom

                     six months ago when our friend adopted Ruby

A sweet little kitten who acts this way with me

And with Ann....well, luckily Ruby hasn't really acted terribly

Though she does have a certain way she looks at Ann ....

                                                maybe it's just a matter of time.


  1. Funny post! My daughter is deathly afraid of dogs because she was knocked down by a huge dog when she was a toddler. She has never outgrown this.

  2. She's just waiting until she gets a tad bigger...then...look out Ann.

  3. So funny! My baby sister is kinda terrified of horses. But I think thats cause when she was little, my mom took her to the stable with me, and one of the horses stuck its head in her face, and its head was the same size as her body.

    I agree animals smell fear.

  4. haha, too funny. I love the picture of the cat with the machine gun!

    Here because of A-Z Challenge:)


  5. Well, what surprises me is that your friend did not shut her cat up somewhere when poor Ann would come over, it is not right that she had to endure this. I would never let any of my friends go through this, no matter how much I loved my cat.

    1. Oh that cat was sneaky! My friend could never find Saporro...ever. The other cat would come to investigate, but saporro would make herself scarce until she wanted some affection or wanted to pounce. weird.

  6. Oh Joanne, how can anyone? ? anyone? fear a cat? the most gentle docile creature on Earth? WEll, that is, unless they smell fear! hah! great post!

  7. haha poor Ann but got to love the mind of a demon cat

  8. XD!! Funny post. Loved it. I have to admit, I'm not a cat person either. Not that I'm afraid of them but I don't feel a need to cuddle them either.
    Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge. Good luck with the rest of your posts.

    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

  9. Great pictures! I just love cats, and feel sad for Ann!! Very fun post for the challenge!

  10. Okay, this was my favorite C post all day! I cracked up over those pics, and it's just like this for my husband with dogs. They are all tail-wavy with me and then all grrrrr with him, because he's a bit afraid of dogs and yes, they sense it! Thanks for the great laughs though I'm sorry for Ann, or I will be when I stop laughing.

  11. Bloody funny cats are so like that some just smell the fear and thrive on it I am sure they plot how to terrorise us..............lol

  12. This cracked me up! Especially with all the pictures of cute cuddly kitty and then...PSYCHO KITTY!!! Animals definitely know how to get reactions from people.

    I got here from the A to Z Challenge. I'm loving reading so many different types of blogs that I never would have found otherwise.
    Melissa @ http://faeanddragons.wordpress.com

  13. The pictures you source are awesome, just mad the post so good. We are cat people so no worries of them flying at us at anytime

  14. I have to admit I have always been a little shy of animals. I think they are cute but I hardly ever touch them. Is that strange? Anyway, we have had dogs and cats in the past and even though I would never touch them they would be at my side constantly. They always seem to love me or maybe they are just hoping that someday I will pet them? Your pictures are really cute.

  15. Love your cute way of posting! Hooray for cat pics!

    Aurora Celeste

  16. Oh this is way too cute! I know exactly what you mean. My sisters hate cats. I did too growing up. It's a long story. Later, after my youngest wanted one so bad I learned to love them. Whenever my sisters came over the cats would always run over and rub themselves on their legs. They knew that my sisters just couldn't stand for a cat to do that. I must admit, I couldn't help but giggle a little, (inside).

  17. The pictures were a fantastic way to anchor this essay. One always gets the internet win when there are cat pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by my house for the AtoZ challenge!

    Twit- @mollieisokinuk
    Blarg- mollieisokinuk.blogspot.com

  18. Oh, my goodness! I laughed so hard at this. We have a cat who is a big sweet baby with us, but often hisses and scowls at our guests precisely as you described Sapparo doing to poor Ann.

  19. HEHE I love it I had a cat that was like that. Hated my mom ... lol maybe he could feel the bad juju :)

  20. I love cats and am glad you wrote about them, there were a fair few posts yesterday about dogs! I think cats have a wicked sense of humour (much like myself) and know if someone isnt a cat lover, its usually the person whose lap they sit on - i think just to exercise their power. Fun post and great pics.


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