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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A to Z~Wednesday's Fashion~~~DORIS DAY

Hi Everyone! For everyone who is new to this blog Welcome and Thank You for following my little blog.

On Wednesdays I post about fashion....Old fashion is my favorite.

Now since I am doing the A to Z challenge I want to post a bit about one of my all time faves....Doris Day.

I love her!!! Films like Love Me or leave Me, The Pajama Game, Please don't Eat The Daisies, The Man Who Knew Too Much and With Six You Get Egg Roll I could watch them over and over again. I love her voice too;....and can we talk about her wardrobe!!!! Love love Love, but none of it would be complete without that gorgeous girl next door smile.

                              I love this whole outfit. Very chic

             Even with a high collar she made this dress look sensual
                                                   Romance on the High Seas


From head to toe very stylish~~~ I'm not crazy about the high collar in the first picture but that last dress is stunning

  A simple dress. The different colored hat and gloves made her look mysterious

OK, This is my favorite...look at the brooch accent and those wonderful long gloves. Does anyone ever wear those anymore? I wish they would!
                 source                                        source


           Please enjoy a video posted by  . Notice all the cool clothes! Which is your favorite?

Have a great Wednesday Everyone!


  1. Wasn't she just so eloquent? Life was so simple then :)

  2. I too love Doris Day. I have all of her movies on DVD and a couple of her CDs. As for the fashions, the 50s were my heyday so I had many clothes similar to those in the video.

  3. I remember her very well, I saw most of her movies. I remember that one movie that was not a comedy, but a thriller. Maybe with Cary Grant? Could it have been Gaslight? I think she is still alive, but not sure.

  4. OHHH love love her and her style!

  5. i loved Doris's look so beeautiful

  6. I love her also. I just saw where her birthday was yesterday. She was born April 3, 1923. In fact, you might be interested in visiting her website and listening to a recent interview she gave on NPR.

  7. Oh, here is the website:http://www.dorisday.com/news?id=0029

  8. Doris Day was so cool! Loved those old movies!

  9. OOH I love Doris Day, beautiful lady. In fact just watched her in 'Lover Come Back' the other day. Great movies

  10. True, you never see a woman wearing gloves for fashion, just warmth. Thanks for being back this glamorous yet seemingly down-to-earth icon.


  11. Doris Day was a truly great actor from the days of great actresses. New follower
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972


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