Sunday, April 15, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~M is for~ Mountain

I went mountain climbing today....yes I did.

        I struggled, but after a long time of pulling myself up and nearly falling a few times I made it to the top.

        and you know what I saw from up there?

               Laundry...tons and tons of flippin' laundry!!!!

There is a mountain in my basement laundry room....

           A mountain of clothes.

Every time I think I am making headway

                The evil laundry monster decides to reproduce

It seems there isn't a time in the day when the washing machine is not chugging away.

The dryer coughs out clean fresh smelling warm clothes, but I  turn around and there are more dirty smelly clothes waiting to take their turn.

I mean am I in a sadistic rerun of the twilight zone?

             Candid Camera?


There must be an answer...

       Tonight I'll be on a stake out...yeah that's right

            I'll have my night vision goggles

...and I'll be armed

Desperate times means desperate measures my friend

I'm gonna find out who pranking me and when I find the culprit...there will be
H. E double


                        to pay!!!!!

                                      Bang Zoom!

This post was brought to you by the kind people of

      The Institute for Really Exhausted Divas


  1. Sometimes I do actually get to the bottom of mine, but then low and behold somebody puts somehting else in the basket or spills something down them thats needs washing immediately!!

  2. You really got me on this one, I actually thought at first that you had gone mountain climbing!!!

  3. Ugh, tell me about it. Most the clothes the kids leave on the floor are not dirty at all.

  4. lol, I also have one of those mountains...sometimes I whittle it down to a hill, but alas..they shower! And so it begins again!

  5. I think it's the same evil genious who puts another dirty dish in the sink just when I've got it all cleaned out.

  6. Cute! I actually love doing laundry! I love to hang clothes on the line. My most hated household chore is ironing. UGH. When I hang clothes on the line, the wind whips the wrinkles right out of them. :-)

  7. I hate not having my own washer and dryer even though the laundry facilities are just a few yards from my front door.

  8. My dear you crack me up! I love the way you word your post with the absolutely best photos! Rick is always getting on me about laundry he thinks I'm not on top of it ... lol. I told him he can get in the dryer and I'll get a whirl to see how he then feels about it!

  9. There is only two of us so there is always laundry but not a mountain. I think this is because I do a couple of loads everyday. I do remember that mountain though.


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