Thursday, April 12, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~J is for Joan Crawford

Sorry this post is way over due. Let's start...

On Wednesdays I usually post about some kind of Fashion but I could decided on anything and by the time I got to sit at the computer I would fall asleep within minutes. So I waited until today.

I wanted to do a post about Joan Crawford.

                  I know I know, now whenever people write about Joan they automatically seem to have to write about her life with her kids...not here.

I think she was a great actor. She had a great face. What I mean is that there was a lot of feeling behind those slightly droopy sad eyes.  Her style was unmistakably cool. I especially loved her look before she opted for thick black penciled eyebrows and sharp and stark make up.

             I love this look.

                                                          Stunning dual colored dress


The dress looks innocent but her stance says vixen


                                               I love this beaded dress


Even her casual wear was chic. I love the tussled hair


     This is the Joan that most people were familiar with...polished and outfits included huge shoulder pads.


  She loved turbans
and they made her look regal


             She was covered with hardly any skin showing,
 but this  was still a VA VA Voom dress!                   

                                                          source Hope you liked today's tell me which one of these would you wear today?

If I had the figure for it I would certainly wear the last dress...It's my favorite  




  1. Joan Crawford was something I have always loved her

  2. You mean if I had a figure like hers? Uh...the last one.

  3. Joan Crawford was a really great actress.


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