Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey Ref, That Ball Was OUT!

      Tonight was a close game. Very close. In fact it was tied two games to two games; and the score throughout was always very close. The other team served and the ball was OUT. Every stinking person saw it! EVERYONE except the ref. The coach from our team threw up her hands and said "Seriously? You didn't see that? That ball was out." She was quite calm under the circumstances. I told my daughter "You guys played great" which was true. "You guys made some great passes" and they did. Then I said " The ref was wrong but what can you do...whats important is that you played your hardest and that is what you did...I'm proud of you."  What I wanted to say (or rather yell) "WHAT the H*LL is wrong with that ref? Did he take sominex before the game or perhaps he forgot to put on his coke bottle glasses because how could he not see that!!!? In fact there were two other times when the ball was out and he called it in. Man, we have satellites in space that can see the license plate number on a car but we still have to rely on human perspective to call these games....OK I feel better now. I have taken ten minutes to calm myself and chuck it up to just plain old bad luck. Sorry ref I know you did your best but if you do decide to retire from this thankless volunteer position.....well ...SEE YA!

This rant was brought to you by the makers of Sominex sleeping aids and Pearl Vision Centers...and from a grant of the U.B.R.O.A ( United Blind Refs of America)   ;-)  LOL  

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