Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Town Called Stressville

         We haven't bought our Christmas tree yet. We haven't mailed out Christmas cards yet.  I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet and I am'm there... A town called Stressville. I live not too far from Migraine Rd. and I'm almost directly across from Calgon take me away St.  Do you know the place? Well today I went down to do some shopping at Crowds r Us, but first I stopped by Can't Find a Freakin' Parking Spot Place. There I bought some curses that came all wrapped up in someone mouthing something that looked to me like they were saying "Folk Stew" but then again I can't read lips. I stopped by the Pile On the Pounds Bakery and purchased a cannoli in my favorite flavor "Double Chin Surprise". Don't get me wrong this is my town and it's home for now...but come December 26th.....I'm OUTTA HERE!

Gotta Laugh or else I'd cry.


  1. I want that Baby Popeye!


    Your not alone, We still have a good bit to get done before the Holiday.

    Don't Cry - Smile with the knowledge your not Alone.

    Anything at Anytime


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