Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Memory of Christmas Past

The Littlest Angel
One of my Favorite Children's Christmas books

                 It is December 1st. where has the time gone? I feel like just yesterday we were camping and swimming in the lake. I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I guess that happens as you get older and realize that your children are literally growing before your eyes. Today I want to revisit a Christmas 1970's. My Dad was laid off from work and he was so worried. he anticipated being called back to work quickly, and he had saved a bit of money but that was slotted for bills. That was the year that my Little brother wanted a bike....really badly. In fact that was all he wanted. At night I would hear my Dad talking to my Mom. "How,..How Am I going to get a bike for him?" He would say. I worried too. My Brother was a very sweet kid. He was shy, caring, and was never selfish in any way shape or form.  By that time Santa was a thing of the past for me but for my Brother Santa was very real. We lived in the city where before there was an official lottery there was a sort of numbers game that people would play and if you "Hit" the number ( just like in the lottery) you would win cash. Not millions but usually a couple of hundred if you were lucky. Just like in any game of chance most people lost. School was almost out for Christmas break and my Dad had not been called back yet to work. Everyone was suffering financially. I came home one day to find my Dad walking toward me with a big smile on his face. "I hit the number" he said   "I won; come with me."  He had won 500 dollars! He didn't think about anything...all he wanted was that bike for his son. He thanked God the whole way there. We took the train to Mays Dept store and picked out the nicest bike we could. He was so happy we took a cab home with the precious gift. Christmas morning my Brother got his Christmas wish....a bike.  My Dad was called back to work days later and I was left with  the memory of awesome Christmas. I tear up every time I think of that time. My Dad has been Gone twenty one years but I can still see his smile as clear as day as I remember that Christmas morning. I miss you Dad. I have spent the last ten minutes writing this post and feeling so very grateful for being allowed to witness so many small miracles in my life.


  1. Beautiful,made me cry!! I miss the magic of christmas too. My boys are still small so I do see it in there faces, but it's different now. How much they get hit with in terms of what they see. Your story reminds me of my Nana, we keep them alive in our heart till we meet them in heaven.


  2. So True! But what a awesome tribute to them that we think of them with such love in our hearts! a true blessing.


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