Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OOOOOOOO That's Embarressing!

      This week my daughter is sick. It started on Christmas day. By bed time she had the chills and had a high fever. So, she has spent her Christmas vacation so far stuck at home. We have spent quality time together and even worked on some new videos for our other blog. I have taken ten minutes to write a bit down of what happened today... This morning My daughter was describing to her Dad her last volleyball game and all it's nail biting details. She left out one detail though. My most recent embarrassing moment. I have a lot of them...a lot. If someone is going to trip on something ...that someone will be me. If a waiter spills better believe it will be on me. During a lull in a meeting the horrible growling stomach will be mine. there she is (my daughter) playing Volleyball looking so cute in her uniform. When she is out there she means business. She had made a few mistakes and then the ball was hit directly at her. She yelled "Got it!" she hits it and returns it for the point. Without even thinking I stood up and yelled "YES!!!!!!!" I yelled so loudly that it echoed throughout the gym! Heads snapped turning in my direction. Some teenagers in front of me turned and started to laugh. Everyone then stared at me for what felt like a week and a half  then clapped for the point. The Amount of time between my horrendous excited yell and the crowd clapping must have taken a millisecond but my yell is probably still there echoing and shaking the rafters. My son who was next to me said "Mom, you're so loud!" My poor daughter I thought. How embarrassing! Maybe she didn't hear me make a fool of myself. Later I ask my daughter "Did you hear me?"
               "Yep." She said.
               "Sorry." I replied
               "That's OK Mom...It was kind of funny."
My daughter is used to my foul ups. She loves me anyway. Whatta Kid.

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